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The worst thing that could happen is that Mitch McConnell's crack whore Helena Foulkes decide she wants to carry the institutional backing from her gubernatorial race into this one. Everyone's so busy arguing and bitching about stupid shit in chat I don't think they realize how fucking awful it is for us to get a shitty Democrat in this position because we'll be stuck with them for 20 years and do you really want to have our representative exist only to lobby for CVS for 20 years? This is not a partisan competitive district so whichever Democrat wins here is not going to be challenged anytime soon and nobody's going to vote in a fucking primary especially for a special election so every single one of your votes counts in preventing a real catastrophe here.


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Gun control exists explicitly so that cops can slaughter black people without any opposition. This has historically been the case ever since the first gun control we've ever proposed in America back in the 1800s. Modern gun control exists because people like Ronald Reagan wanted to disarm the Black Panthers. Liberals are counterrevolutionary idiots whose ideology is based on nothing but feelings. They talk a big taco and it comes to actually ending income inequality there silent. Gun control exists to make the most vulnerable people in our society even more marginalized insusceptible to violence from the state and right-wing actors.


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Do you know how many people would consider themselves lucky to be in your situation because they don't have any housing at all? You sound like a spoiled trust fund brat. It's not possible to be harmed by Street crime in Providence unless you're an absolute God damn idiot who's doing shit they're not supposed to be doing. Most of the aggressive crackheads in Rhode Island live in Pawtucket and even then if you stay away from the public parks you'll be fine. With the governor sending cops to beat the shit out of homeless people near the State House, you have no right to call your situation an "emergency." You want to see some hoodrat shit? Head to the deep South where I grew up. Everybody's fucked up on bath salts and lean and God knows what else. I know at least five people who have OD on lean alone and I never hear about people taking that shit up here.


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Yes, he can, and he will because he's an authoritarian piece of shit that wants to murder poor people just like the rest of them. Thank every idiot who didn't vote in the primary (most of you reading this sadly) for what he's doing. Liberals are spineless mules who can't bother to Pokemon Go To The Polls, as always.


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Speaking of post history, this thread is the third time you've ever posted on Reddit, but you seem to have quite an affinity with how this site works. What is it that you're hiding? Perhaps the dumb ass shit you're accusing me of is the same shit you say at the dinner table.


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Young people who don't vote are entitled morons who are getting the America they deserve because they can't do the bare minimum of showing up to a poll box let alone campaigning for anyone that they actually think represents their views. It amazes me how many people my age I see who say that oh no Bernie got cheated or whatever bullshit when half of them didn't show up to vote and all they do is sit in their own echo chambers all day and assume that most Americans hold the same views that they do. They don't recognize the importance of local elections and how much of an impact even the smallest School board race can have on a macro scale. They want the instant gratification of immediate change without having any understanding of how our American system of government actually operates whether it's just or not.

If you ever work on a campaign you'll realize that in local races and even in a state senate race most of the time you'll have a maximum of like five volunteers and for city stuff you might be the only person who bothers to show up. Literally all you have to do is put aside some time after work to go knock doors or make phone calls to make a measurable difference in the outcome of an election, and you can work on multiple campaigns at once of your candidate has a coalition of others who are also running. You need to try amd sway primary elections first and foremost. Your vote alone won't swing an election, but in many many many cases, your help on a campaign alone as a sole additional volunteer can easily swing a race or even multiple races. Don't tell me you don't have time if you spend your free time bitching about politics on Reddit or Twitter.