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I'm so sorry to hear about this. I worked out with "lightning bug" when Baltimore boxing was still in Fells Point and I went to his new gym in Mt. Vernon a few times as well. He was a tough coach but very patient and helped a lot of new fighters. He was just as nice as the article describes. May his memory be a blessing to others.


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I won’t stop the narrative because I kind of believe it. You kind of admit and every analysis admits alit as well. Every single amendment that has come up to a vote for the past 25 years or so has been “yes”. I still think that term limits (except for the executive branch) is not a good idea and creates new and worse problems.

And the pension is for elected positions only. So it not that easy. The only people running now will be those who are wealthy enough to not worry about saving for a retirement.


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But they can’t though. The pension is for elected office and they’re honestly not that many elected offices. Plus with this bill they can only run twice in 12 years. So essentially no one is getting a pension.

Again this is a horrible bill that will not solve the problem of corruption in Baltimore politics. Instead it will just make it worse.