Adognamedbingo t1_j4rgiy9 wrote

Microsoft has a Big share in OpenAI so not gonna happen.

Google however will/has build their own.

And like with search the question will be who delivers the best search results.

Search is Googles core business where Microsoft is a software company so it’s not likely that ChatGPT will be the gamechanger you think.

It will however automate a lot of tasks which could give Microsoft an edge in software over Googles free alternatives, but search is a whole other departement.


Adognamedbingo t1_j4rf036 wrote

How do you determine that a LLM like chatGPT serve better results when you dont know if the information that it produces is true or not.

This is a huge issue, because these bots are flawed in the way that they are convincing no matter how bad an answer they give.

Also these models are trained on an incredible amount og data, but are not able to crawl the web yet, so any new info will not be taken into consideration by the AI when giving answers.

That is not great if a pandemic breaks out, but neat if you want to know about history.

I think it’s too soon to say it will replace Google’s search engine since it does a totally different job.

In terms of including it in app and automating different tasks I think you’re right it will be a gamechanger soon.


Adognamedbingo t1_j4rdru4 wrote

This is the issue I feel like people ignore when it comes to LLMs.

Yeah it’s without a doubt impressive how it generates sentences and content, but if you’re not very familiar with the subject of a question you don’t know if the answer is “correct”.

So if something like ChatGPT should take the place of a search engine it would still need to tell you where it has the info from.

And then how big of a difference is it then from what we currently have.

Another thing that I rarely see discussed is why would anyone create content if they don’t get any visibility/customers from their content and the model just gives an answer without any credit to the actual creator?