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The only usefulness I see in traditional K-12 schooling is to develop social skills with people in the same age range as you.

In fact that’s the only real thing I even enjoyed about schooling was the friendships and good times socially I had with some people.

The homework, long boring lectures, lunches, and just regurgitating BS just to get tested on it and eventually forget 99% of it is what I do not miss at all.


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I hear you. In a Post AGI world where the 9-5 is a distant memory and with the necessities and even luxuries of life provided unconditionally we will see a level of freedom never before seen. True freedom, not the BS you hear from politicians. Stress levels will drop to all time lows and people can finally pursue the dreams they actually want without worrying about “making ends meet”.

In fact somebody in the comments was like “majority of people would get bored. They might wanna go back to work to fulfill their time”.

Im like dude GTFO. I would rather be a couch potato than be some corporate slave 1 billion out of a billion times.


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Everyday will feel like a different day

But let me give the average day of the life in a post AGI and really post-singularity world.

Friday March 23, 2063 (40 years from now)

At least 8 hours of sleep + maybe an extra hour or two of being cozy and not have to answer to some boss at some job I dislike.

I would like to spend another 8 hours hanging out with friends and family. All that time spending in a 9-5 can be devoted to spending time with your loved ones and even develop new friendships.

The rest of it will be spent mostly doing leisure activities from playing sports to eating at good restaurants.

If needed to I wouldn’t mind spending an hour or two volunteering for the greater good. Also I would like to be involved in some insane science projects like creating a spaceship that could travel at a million mph. Chances are an AI will develop and create the spaceship before a team of humans could conceive of it buts it’s all good. As long as humanity is thriving and progressing the right way then I welcome our AI overlords.


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The first wave of automation (in the 2020s and 2030s) will be white collar work.

The second wave of automation (in the 2040s and 2050s) will be blue collar work as advancements in robotics I believe will allow robots to match the dexterity of a human and will allow them to do plumbing, electric work and surgery.

There really isn’t any job or task out there that a machine cannot do as well if not better and its a good thing. The days of “working for a living” will be a distant memory and a horror story we tell our great grand kids about.

Assuming of course UBI and other necessary public services are implemented to make sure our basic standard of living is taken care of.


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The first time I heard the word “singularity” was actually in a movie called “Transcendence” starring Johnny Depp.

There was a scene where Depp gave a comical speech of what happens when computers have the brainpower of the entire human race.

It looked interesting to me as a rebellious high school student and as a result in my free time I looked up advanced technologies and came across lectures made by some well known futurists like Peter Diamandis and obviously Ray Kurzweil.

They strongly believe that it will happen by 2045 and I thought to myself in 2014 “that’s only 30 years from now”.


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As bad as the current system is I would still rather prefer that than live in a some literal war torn dystopia where I literally have to worry about my survival every hour of every day.

Those future wars you see in Terminator are horrifying. Advanced T-800s, scavanagers, HK aerials, and a AI that is building even more advanced units.

Who wants to live in that? It may look cool on screen but in real life no way.


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The belief is that AGI will continue to self improve year by year to the point to where it gets smarter than all humans on earth combined. A number that is like 10 to the 26th power of calculations per second per $1,000.

Faster and better computing is what will lead to all the technological breakthroughs in a variety of fields and will happen at a faster pace than before.

They call it the singularity. When AI driven technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization.

The hope is that AI is a benevolent entity that works for the benefit of humanity rather than a malevolent villain ala Terminator.


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Ok so when do you think this shit will happen?

20 years? 50 years? 500 years? Never?

I’m basing my analysis on exponential growth of technologies. I’m not exactly extremely knowledgeable on the AI field nor do I have any credentials but then again neither do you probably.

So please answer my question. When do you think the Singularity will happen?

If you don’t have an answer then kick rocks.


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It’s mostly a wild guess. I don’t want to be too optimistic to the point to where I’m delusional or out of touch with reality like some people in this community thinking it will happen in a couple years or something.

I think AGI can be accomplished by 2030 and then the next 10+ years after that is anyone’s guess.

But like I said the sooner the better and I like to be proven wrong.

When do you think the Singularity will happen?


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The singularity definition on Wikipedia is a hypothetical future point when technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization.

Speaks for itself. All the futuristic tech that we like to ponder about becomes reality. A lot of this will be AI driven because the computational power of computers continues to rise and eventually the future supercomputers will have the power of all human brains on the planet combined.

As far as when it will happen? Some acclaimed futurists like Kurzweil put it at 2045, lots of people in this community believe it will happen by the end of this decade, or next year or why not tomorrow (LOL). I put it around 2050. The sooner the better of course.


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You’re right. AI will in effect be free labor.

In fact productivity is now inverse to employment. And the more a company automates the more productive capacity they will have. No one is questioning that.

What I (and others) are questioning is how will we be able to financially support ourselves at least in the short term when job opportunities continually become scarce, cost of living expenses continue to rise, and our basic survival gets drawn into question.

Remember most people work jobs they likely hate because they have to get a paycheck to put a roof over their head and put food on the table.

Automation takes away those paychecks. And that’s where the problems I fear will happen if our idiot leaders do nothing to adapt to this new reality.


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The question isn’t “what will we do”. The question should instead be how does our leaders and government respond and adapt to this new reality.

The reality is that automation is slowly taking over the labor market. And lots of people live paycheck by paycheck and just trying to keep up with rising cost of living expenses.

Long story short. In the short term at least we will see a very steep rise in unemployment, poverty, homelessness and other unnecessary human suffering that is a direct result of this cancerous outdated socioeconomic system that we continue to use.

I don’t like to sound like a doomer but this is the cold hard truth as unpleasant as it may sound.

Ideas like UBI and eventually a post scarcity or resource based economy as advocated by the Zeitgeist Movement and Venus Project need to be what humanity need to strive for if we not only want to survive but thrive like never before.


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Do you consider my predictions made at the start of 2023 to be pessimistic or conservative?

2030 - AGI

2040 - ASI

2050 - Singularity

Of course I hope I’m wrong and that these things happen a lot sooner. The sooner the better.

It’s just I don’t like to be too optimistic to the point to where it’s wishful thinking.


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I put my prediction in 2050 when 3D printing is now able to print virtually any household sized object at the nano level.

That’s the key word “nano”. Atom by atom. It would be so precise that it would make the best quality 3D printers today look extremely primitive.

Maybe the year 2050 would be seen as extremely conservative in this community but I feel such an advanced technology like this is so dangerous in the average Joes hands.


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I’ll assume it’s the year 2065. Hopefully well after the singularity occurred and society is right at the heart of its Star Trek like post scarcity transformation.

I will be 80 years old in this time. By then I hope the following happens.

  • I could pursue fields and hobbies that I want to do. Not for income survival but for the love of it.

  • I would actually look and feel young at 80 years old due to advances in health care and biotech.

  • I could have almost any physical good at my fingertips almost instantly via nanotech 3D printing.

  • If some family and friends are still alive and well around this time then I could spend copious amounts of time with them.

I think that’s it for now. Basically I want to see society become far better than what it is now.


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It’s better than nothing.

No it’s not the ultimate silver bullet but what other options do we have to help the whole of society when mass automation becomes a reality.

The entire system relies on cyclical consumption. The more people that get displaced the less public purchasing power there will be. And with less purchasing or consumption means GDP will tank, businesses will get shut and the economy will enter a Great Depression 2.0 that will make the one nearly 100 years ago look like a glorious time.

Sometimes when I get into discussions with Anti-UBI advocates I ask this “so what’s your solution when unemployment reaches 20+ percent, GDP declines massively, jobs becomes scarce, and we will live in an extreme plutocracy? Should we go back to the Wild West days were we kill each other just to get a little bit of food? Is that really how a society should function?”