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I live pretty close to Fall River and I don’t really think it’s that bad, I used to go there a lot for work and I’ve had family that lived there, it’s like any small city, there’s going to be some type of sketchiness. If your looking to rent an apartment, I would personally be looking at East Providence, Pawtucket or Taunton, but the sketchiness level will be on par with Fall River. Pretty much anything surrounding Fall River is going to be a suburb and apartments will be hard to find. I would stay away from New Bedford though the sketchiness goes up a notch there. Swansea, Somerset, Dartmouth, Falmouth, Seekonk and Rehoboth are all nice but apartments will be limited and houses are crazy money. Don’t forget that you won’t be too far from Rhode Island so check that out too.


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There is no definite answer, there are a million different scenarios that could take place. With that being said, Mass is a “duty to retreat” state, that means you can only defend yourself if you have no other option. So if you have words with some dude at a bar and he swings at you you’re not supposed to retaliate if you can get away but if he comes after you in a bathroom stall and you can’t get out then you can kick him in the nuts and stick his head in the toilet. Same thing at home, if someone breaks in and threatens you you’re supposed to get out if you can, if you’re cornered and have no other option then you can stab them in the face with a soldering iron.


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When I saw the headline in the post that the baby had passed it really hit me hard, I couldn’t imagine the nightmare the father has gone through in the past few days and then the one speck of hope that he had is no longer there, I feel so bad for the father, I can’t imagine the pain that he is going through right now


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Who knows, you’re throwing out a lot of assumptions, maybe she wasn’t showing any kind of suspicious behavior before all of this unfolded. There are a lot of questions to be asked about this and there won’t be many answers, nobody knows what happened inside that house except for her, if she did suffer from PPD, she could have hid the symptoms until she snapped, you don’t know how this family lived their lives. The “system” and other family members shouldn’t be blamed for this until more information is available.


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“Childish silly” is not being able to have a conversation or debate with someone without trying to personally insult them as you do. All I’m saying is that I can see why people are leaving for cheaper and freer states, all of those people that we are “loosing” are taking their tax dollars with them


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I’m happy you feel that way but as I said I’m not leaving but I understand why people would. I have it made here, I’m living in the house I grew up in that I inherited from my parents and now raising my own family in, on land that has been in the family for 300 years, I wouldn’t give that up for anything. The school systems are great and it’s an awesome state to live in with plenty of history also which I love. Those examples that I made are some of the reasons why we are losing people, tax paying people that help our economy. Some people want to live their life without needing Maura Healy to wipe their ass for them.


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I’ve seen giant coyote sized have-a-heart traps at tractor supply, they are huge, would definitely fit a dog. It might be worth grabbing a couple of those too, they were expensive but it’s worth it to get your dog back and you can probably sell them after, the more traps that are out there the better your odds are


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People don’t want to live in an expensive nanny state, I’m not going anywhere but I understand why someone would leave Mass. As an adult, I can’t buy flavored vapes or menthol cigarettes, I can’t light off a few bottle rockets on the Fourth of July and I can’t buy the gun I want without it being neutered. Most adults don’t want the state government to tell them what they can and can’t do. I saw a different article posted on the Rhode Island sub with the same subject because Rhode Island lost people also, the only states that gained population in New England were New Hampshire and Maine.