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You want to get rid of people who are asking to make $13 an hour to replace it with a custom app that needs to be scalable to allow for 30,000+ simultaneous connections, as well as either renting or purchasing and maintaining all the infrastructure that goes along with that.

You are talking about firing ushers and hiring software engineers to replace them.


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Ah yes, making unfounded guesses on the condition of Pittsburgh while you apparently live in Albuquerque. Just pure words of genius.

Seriously what makes you think anyone wants to hear uneducated crap from you?

EDIT: imagine posting the thing below this and then blocking me lol. Yes I’m sure you’re very well educated sir we are all very impressed. Your contribution to this sub continues to be of the upmost value lmaooooo. Fucking loser.


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I'm just a simple country chicken, but I don't understand why "non-profit" company leaders can make 7 figures and not pay taxes, but I gotta shell out thousands every year just to have a cheap house. Isn't housing non-profit? Isn't housing "unrealized gains" as they say? BAAAAAAAAAAAWK.

Ooops, for a second there, I thought you was corn.


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> UPMC has explicitly threatened to bankrupt the city with legal fees if their tax exempt status is revoked entirely.

This statement alone should disqualify them from tax exempt status. "We're going to be spiteful if we are forced to contribute to the city which we profit entirely too much."

I'm so tired of this shit man.


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Oh sweet child. You really are that dense.

Those aren't actual threats. It's satire to show you how stupid your questions are. And you just took them at face.

The moment I realized, I actually felt bad for you. No one could be this stupid, right?

But I stopped feeling bad when you turned into tough guy flexing on the internet. Lol sure thing keyboard warrior, we're all real afraid of you.

Google satire. Actually, first google grade school education and go through that. Then google satire.


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Jesus christ why are you such a dipshit? Are you aware that you're a complete fucking moron? Can you describe all the critical steps lacking from your education so that we can all understand exactly the age of child you are mentally, so we can speak to you appropriately?

Is something wrong? I thought we were just asking questions? Are you offended by someone asking questions?

Why are you acting like a terrorist? Would the average person be wrong to think that /u/RabbleLowder is a threat to society? Should we do something about? What if this snowflake actually does something terrible in the future? Wouldn't we be the bad people knowning that we could have thrown this idiot in jail for life and prevented the whole problem? Is there really anything wrong with thinking that u/RabbleLowder is the very definition of the scum of society?

What's wrong? I thought we were just asking questions?

Can anyone here that can put together a reason why would shouldn't just collectively dox you and then swat you? We are clear that I'm just asking questions, right?



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Reply to comment by AGARAN24 in Can I look into the past? by AGARAN24

Quantum entanglement is, basically, putting a red card and a blue card in two envelopes, then randomly mailing one of them somewhere. Now you open yours. If you have red, you know the other is blue, and vice versa. It is not and will never be faster than light communication.


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I don’t have Facebook so I can’t login to take a closer look, but does he have pictures of himself photoshopped to look like a Nordic warrior? Is this a cosplay? How has no one told him how ridiculous he looks?