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Hmm... most of the questions I thought of where ones that kind of needs to be answered but, some of them would need to be answered later as the relationship develops. Not actual love relationship but, Helen would need to develop as a human being more before Romi would answer certain questions.


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You are correct.


I next wake up on a bed with a big headache... That bastard knocked me out but... How? I didn't see a fist... I think I saw... A wall? Where's my dagger? Where is he? I don't see him anywhere in this room. I see some kind of piece of paper on the night table as I get up. I take up the paper, it is written in language I can understand.

"If you want your dagger back. I am in employee break room". I toss the piece of paper away... That piece of turd will kiss it's kind before I kill him. (Why did he spare me? Is he toying with me?) I think. I remember the eyes. Steel Blue, cold, fearless and vigorous. (Why do I feel kinship about him?) I think.

I keep walking and I see him standing there next to of a some kind of machine on a table with a window on it. I see my dagger on the table with four chairs around it. He has reacted to opening of the door by raising his chin and looks at me. "Good afternoon" he says to me in language I can understand.

"There is nothing good about this time" I say to him angrily "Are you certain?" he replies turns his left side to me and starts up some kind of machine. I have no idea how I would describe that sound. It isn't the one with the window, it is on some kind of platform. It doesn't seem to be a weapon, that is for sure.

He turns his head away from looking at me face to face, for a moment I thought I have opportunity but, I notice he is in front of a large... Reflective surface... I can see his face, the eyes... I don't understand why I feel like he is so cold but, same time as if he is trying to turn something. I see my own face on the reflective surface. I get close of him if I approach it...

I look at my dagger again. He has his dagger with him still in a sheathe but, his hands are nowhere close of it. They are crossed in front of his chest and he seems to be staring at his reflection but, I keep sensing he keeps an eye on me. I approach the reflective surface on the wall and I look at his reflection.

Those eyes, the intensity I can feel in them is remarkable, he is state of hyper focus. (He is like me, born to kill) I think "Why did you spare me?" I ask and turn to look at my own reflection. I notice the bruise on my forehead and tip of my nose and feel really unhappy about them. "You wouldn't be able to carry out your order if you died" he said.

"What do you care?" I ask accusingly "I do" he says "What do you see in your eyes?" he asks breaking the moment of silence "I see..." I say and look deep into my own eyes from the reflection. I come to realization of what I see and take few steps back "Fear... No, that is not me" I say and reject.

"If you do not see that in you, keep looking" He says remaining monotone in his tone. I look at him. (If I do not see that in me... I should keep looking?) I think, I am becoming frustrated "What do you then see in your reflection?" I ask spitefully. He keeps an eye on me, then swaps his look into the reflection.

"I see myself, as who I am, what made me who I am, what I have been through, I can see my confidence, strength, focus and tensity. Products of this war and two soldier trainings" he says. The machine made some kind of sound and he looks down. He pours something from it into some two objects made from ceramic. I believe they are called cup.

I smell the water and pushes one of the two packages in front him to me. MRE I read on it. (It has to be poisoned... There is no way) I think then look at my reflection again. I feel like something shot through my head and I realize... I have been hating my own kind... For no reason. I groaned from the pain and start falling to the ground on my right side.

He catches me. I realize what I see in me... I am afraid... Of the reality. Part of me wanted to push him away from me but, I chose to just start crying. He embraces me calmly and I keep crying and bury my face on his shoulder. "I am so sorry" I say. "Ride the wind" he says. It means that I should just go through with the emotions.

He is patient but, I constantly sense a distance between me and him. Yet I do not see, hear or sense anger in him. It takes a while until I get a hold of myself. He guides me on how to use the MRE and explains what it is. It is good... (Why is he showing such kindness?) I think.

"Why are you so kind to me?" I ask. His eyes avert my own for a while and move in a manner of... Reminiscence? "I remembered how many we have already lost. How you remind me of somebody who I haven't seen in three months now" he says and stops avoiding eye contact. I see... The layers of ice, around his heart?

The intensity returns and focus returns slowly. We both finish eating and drinking the just boiled water "What happens now?" I ask. He let out a hum, it sounds like one he has let out many many times yet there is that small tone of thought in it. "Your sense of self was shattered" he says and I nod to him.

He looks at the small containers that held what we ate within them. He pushes then gently towards me "Place them on top of each other, from biggest to smallest" he says. I do as he says even if I wonder why. "Do you understand what you just did?" he asks when I am done. I look at it... A tower?

"A tower?" I ask "Fair answer, but, no. You built yourself in a manner of speaking" he says. I look at the tower... I built myself? I almost become angry and then I realize what he really means "I... Need to rebuild myself?" I ask "Exactly for now, you are here..." he says and taps the table near of the bottom of the tower. I ball up my hands into fists.

He notices it "I do not say this to offend you. You sense it yourself. It feels like something has broken horribly?" he asks. he is right... I almost slipped back to what I know and find familiar. "I... Need to repair it?" I ask "Yes, here" he says and turns away from me and gives me back my goggles and my dagger.

I lock my eyes on his face for a while. Only now I notice the scars that are quite far in the healing process, then I lock my eyes on his dagger in the sheathe. I gently reach out to take it, he looks at my hand and at what I am trying to take. Then into my eyes, I feel the air current of his breaths. At first they were strong, then slowly it calms.

He gives his dagger to me. I look at it, flat straight back on the blade, curves towards the tip into a fine stab and pull blade. I sense something old about it, I feel the handle. A model perfect grip, lightly used but, making of the blade... Is built for purpose, the design is unusual though. I give the dagger back and he puts it back in the sheathe.

"Who are you?" I ask "Name is Romi Lari Aalto, I would like to ask your name" Romi says... That name feels so awkward for my mouth even without saying it "Helen" I say "Come with me miss Helen" Romi says and walks past me without any concern that I have my dagger with me. (What should I do?) I think.


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Hmm... *Thinks for a while*. Can not come up with anything for this, it is a solid writing point for something but, I have tough time discarding a writing block that manifested because I feel like something is disjointed here... I can not place my words what exactly here but... Something is off, either on what you have written OR on me.


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Hmm... Unfortunately, I can not come up with anything for this, my experience with detective styled writing is pretty much none existent. It is a good tipping point of writing though, problem is on me, not on what you have written for a prompt for me.


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You didn't really ramble, it is mostly my problem with the whole concept... Hollywood has kind of destroyed the concept on my part by just diluting it so much that I lost passion for it. No, I don't follow the comics or movies or tv shows.

I mostly play video games and every now and then read few books. I really should read that book I loaned Witcher: Elven Blood. I started reading it but, I found it quite heavy to read for work breaks so I stopped reading.


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Ah, I will do something quite interesting with this then.


(Finally somebody came to investigate, took you long enough lazy piece of crap... Only one? Not a good firing position though, pig in an army uniform? Really, that's all they sent in? Fine, hopefully it will be able to put up a better fight) I think and I move towards a better firing position, I notice him checking few of the bodies.

Then looks around quickly but, I get a sense he is far more thorough on surveying what he sees. I heard a creek as I move and slow down to a halt smoothly. Human is looking at my direction and straight at me. (Crap, no time!) I think and quickly take aim. He dodges right in the moment of firing a burst of bullets.

I raise my sight from my rifle and I see him answering back. With a handgun? From that distance. Go ahead, I see the muzzle flash and immediately my instinct tells me to dodge. I do and hear the whistle of the bullet and ricochet too, he is accurate and I lost element of surprise. (You only bought few seconds) I think and raise my rifle again.

He quickly took cover, firing more is pointless, I can not wound or kill from here, I notice he peeked quickly but, I couldn't zero in on him in time. I am getting more and more frustrated. I quickly move to another location after shooting a few rounds to make sure he doesn't peek again. He can not be that good. Absolutely must not be.

After few more unresolved firefights... (He is good, but am I better) I think and discard both of my firearms. I am out of ammo... Dagger it is then, let's see if squeal like a pig when I gut you. I just hope he is out of ammo too. I keep listening very carefully, I hear he is coming and using a ladder currently. (Come on, hurry up) I think.

I couldn't hear his foot steps anymore, I decided to go around. As I move to take another position and go through a door frame. I realized my mistake, I felt a grip on my left wrist and I felt attempt on pulling me on the ground. I pull back and we are locked in a contest of strength. He is strong... I have to break this lock.

I pull out my dagger and attempt to slash. He quickly let go and dodges "Woman?" he asks sounding taken aback because I look at him. Male, 182 centimeters tall, weight... Maybe 130 kilograms with that equipment. That is weird looking armor and helmet. That is straight up metal... No wonder he is moving reservedly.

"Don't touch me!" I say angrily. I am not close enough to threaten immediately "Acknowledged" he says in monotone manner. (Are you even trying you son of a cow?) I think and quickly move to attack. He dodges, I attack again, yet another dodge. He starts backing off, I follow. "What are you? A coward? Attack! You piece of crap!" I shout.

He just quickly checks does he have his own dagger with him... That is an unusual design... Wait... (He is trying to tire me out) I think. He keeps an eye on me and starts removing a piece of his helmet. I move to attack. He gets it off and just in time dodges my lunge. He quickly drops whatever he took off and I look.

Those eyes, like mine... Steel blue iris, cold, fearless and full of strength of mind and body, but, unlike mine. I don't see anger... I don't see... Rage... He quickly knocks my weapon hand away from him with a punch and I thought he goes for my throat when he reaches out but, he grabs from my goggles and helmet cap.

I quickly struggle off of him but, he managed to strip the goggles off of me also slightly lower my helmet cap to reveal my face. I try to slash his arm but, he is smart... He used his arm metal plating to knock my attack off from it's intended path, saving him from wounds and parrying my attack.

I keep attacking few more times but, he keeps dodging, I sense deep within me... (Am I going to die?!) I think when I take a break from attacking. I just breath in "Die!" I screech and try to slash again. An expert parry by using his left shoulder armor, he moves right inside my guard... He grabs from back of my head and then next everything went dark.


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Hmm... A tough one but, I initially thought interesting, however, I also started thinking... Okay, that is a bit disturbing thought...


After many conversations with the child, I have made and compiled my report as follows. Child shows mild behavior patterns of aloofness due to android parents not complete emotional range and sphere. Kid though is surprisingly healthy in both body and mind. Although I have concerns of how the child will continue growing once,

she gains more awareness of the world, itself and intelligence grows. Most worried I am about child's reaction to discovery of this parents being autonomous robotics instead of actual human beings. Kid has become attached to them like one would to normal human parents which has normalized the behavior pattern.

I am also concerned of teenage years, I know they are still long ways off but, we should start now already thinking how we handle if there comes problems. For now, I suggest continuing the experiment but, I have to admit, I am slowly finding this all very distasteful... I know why we are doing this but, I can not help but feel worried.

Of where we are going as species and most importantly how we are experimenting this all. I do not like but, so far, individuals in charge have healthy vision about this and seem to be fully ready to face reality of the problems we might and quite likely will face.

Date: 21.05.2083. Name: Avil Rose Ramile. Child psychiatrist.


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A tough one but, also very interesting. Woops... I immediately started thinking about actual sea water navy...


"So, what do you mean we are part of you?" Captain Tjesson asks sounding very confused after talking with me for a moment.

"I am not able explain it, Jakon, can you?" I reply in monotone voice and start going through ship systems. Man, so much backlog of things done with them but, insufficiently stored and packaged. They take too much space. I am going to fix it.

Technician thinks for a moment "Imagine, the ship like a human body, due to how ship is designed and constructed, people are required to do some of the stuff as they aren't connected to the ship's computer. Imagine red cell in your blood stream delivering oxygen to somewhere in the body from your lungs"

"I... What?" Tjesson asks still as confused as before. Jakon thinks for a moment and also pulls out the contracts.

"Think of one of the crew who you give an order to load the boat with a ship crane. As a nerve system signal that travels on the nerve system, in this case, on the ship floor to place where they need to do what you ordered" Jakon says.

Tjesson thinks a moment "Okay, I understand that now... But, how are we AI's property?" Tjesson says slowly understanding the situation.

"As your ship isn't fully automated on every single detail, from anchoring to transportation. You are required to stay on board or replace personnel as they come and go order to maintain the 'body' and 'brain' of the ship" Jakon says and shows the relevant points on the contracts.

"How do I for example then exit this contract without breaking it?" Tjesson asks.

"By finding a suitable replacement for the captain post and train it. After a test period AI will either okay it, negative followed with suitable reason for it" Jakon says.

"Understood, what about off shore matters?" Tjesson asks.

"As long as you stay in contact with the AI and don't break contact with it. Inform it of why, what, where and how long you are going to be away. It is enough" Jakon says.

"Okay... AI, can you give me a report on ship's cargo?" Tjesson asks.

"There isn't any cargo currently on ship captain Tjesson, ship is sailing mostly empty, refilling of water store, food and fuel for the ship is recommended. I am currently compiling all of the files for ease of access and read" I say to him.

"Well, what should I call you?" Tjesson replies as Jakon packs his items and raises his satchel on his shoulder.

"I have no assigned name currently, would you like to register me a name?" I reply.

"I would like you to register your name to be Masthead" Tjesson says.

"Registering call sign Masthead, is there anything else you need?" I reply.

"What is the weather outside currently?" Tjesson asks and I track him with a camera on the bridge. I check air temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, check the sky and water level.

"It is currently mildly cloudy, +10 Celsius warm, Wind speed coming from heading 043, Wind speed 5 meters per second, air humidity is 67 percent, water level is optimal for sailing captain Tjesson" I say to him.

"Understood Masthead, thank you, thank you Jakon, apologies for the confusion" Tjesson says and I get back into sorting out logs entries and other information.

"No problem captain Tjesson, both of you be good to each other" Jakon says content with the situation.

"I currently do not know how to be rude, Artificial Intelligence Technician Jakon" I reply to him mildly amused. Tjesson hummed in amused tone too.

"Time for us to look for somebody needs something to be transported" Tjesson says after turning to bridge camera and smiles warmly.

"Understood, would you like to have a report on crew?" I reply to him as Jakon leaves.

"Yes please, I want you to include in it current condition" Tjesson says as goes to the bridge phone.

"Understood captain Tjesson" I say to him and begin my task.


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I have no idea why would anybody going after one individual, individual I just happened to be walking beside of at the wrong place and a wrong time... Would be gunned down with at SAAR type bullet weapon (Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle). I still feel the ghost pains on my arms, despite them being replaced with metal ones...

It isn't that bad but, it is a bit trippy. Human nervous system is very strange even if we can understand it to the tiniest of molecules... Back then... I would be living with just legs... We cracked the code though, like I said. Now I have ones made from metals, rubber and synthetic materials. They are slightly on the heavy side.

I remember that awakening in that medical lab... The first touch of my own face, I noticed immediately two things, I couldn't feel the touch on my hand and the touch of my face felt like it wasn't actual human skin... The man who is quite past his prime age, was there right beside me. Said that nothing could be done to fix the old ones.

So, he decided to fix me new ones, along with some other augmentations. I have no idea what he was thinking... Making me feel like I had become half machine... Well, cyborg to certain extent. I don't have any augmentations on my head. Only chest, arms, spine and little bit on legs. This type of augmentation or replacement is not easy.

As you have to calculate body weight again, be absolutely certain on how much stress the bones can take due to gravity, weight, pressure, muscle contortion, chemical interaction and whole lot more of science and biology concerns when doing this stuff. He has a good team and thanks to all of them. I live at least somewhat of a normal life now.

There's people whose got debt to pay, I am one of them. I owe it to that team for this all. Didn't consider myself such a good gun man from the instinct, awareness, mobility, positioning, environment control and line of sight perspective but, after some practicing with firearms myself. I got a target on somebody and I want some answers.

I know in this area... Currently vacant industrial sector of my home city, I know just who are going to show up. They won't know I am here, they won't be able to locate me, they won't be able to even take an aim at me. Thank you for disarming me, time to pay the favor back...


I am not really good with super hero stuff. I find most of it quite bland *looks at DC and other comics*. They stopped interesting me a long time ago but, I hope this is at least passable.


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Hmm... Uh... What I have written in here it would be:

Norges Ylta, wow he is packing quite a haul of contempt for the one who sent him down to hell and for denizens of hell. Just because he was going to be declared the master of arms. Well, for the better but, also bad. Apex realm of chaos definitely honed him into a one lean and mean killing machine. Now, with the agreement with lord Verzalyn.

He is going to finally see home again but, of course. It is going to involve him adopting entirely different names and at all costs avoid killing angels. When I said master of arms, trust me. Norges knows every one of them even if his long sword is pet weapon. Despite saying initially no to main story's main characters request to train this.

While he is going by the name Sergon Varamal but, the innkeeper says that the man is reminding this of somebody from the city fairly far away from the inn they are staying at. Who was studying and training to become a master of arms. After listening secretly the main character's muttering and alcohol influenced story then witnessing a brawl.

Between the other people under the influence of alcohol. He finally intervenes and agrees to train the main character once this has recovered being knocked out by him and when alcohol has burned out from main character's digestive system. He is a demon in magical disguise. You would be surprised of the very human soul he still has though.

Last character I have written in private:

Jan Hurshem, born, bred and raised to be a scout of the Five Shields order. Energetic, dutiful, dedicated, resilient, notably socially awkward due to the training from early age and village he is born is quite small despite it still dutiful formal and polite, humble and acutely perceptive due to the training but, part of it is actually natural to him.

Rolar Hurshem, Jan's grandfather. Taught his grandson everything the boy currently knows but, kept secret something he was ordered to share but, didn't. Jan and another character are tasked to investigate shrine of nature guardian's odd behavior that is affecting kingdom's wildlife. Rolar is most proud of his grandson's personal combat style.

Involving short spear, dagger and a short sword using his mildly unnatural swiftness, speed and reaction speed, while training provides him adequate strength when situation requires. Making him a deadly duelist when need be although his priority is being a scout.

These are respective categories last characters I have made so far, although, I have a long list of characters collectively from my writings.


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(I don't remember anybody calling me that they are visiting me today) I think as I head to my front door. I open the door, it is the witch, Yljia. (Great...) I think expecting another curse. She bobs lightly 'Hello, how about date then?' she says cheerfully. Was I hit by a wall or a car? Now it was my turn to be absolutely bewildered.

'Pardon?' I ask confused by the question, she giggles in mean manner 'You are the first person to just drop a bomb on my lap in such manner, so, I thought that maybe people of this time actually have spine' Yljia says. She is dressed in modern clothing, those are not the ones I said for her but, she looks a whole lot better.

'I do have a backbone and I know somebody caused me enough headache for a year' I say slightly irritated 'It was a fun curse, although too powerful in hindsight. So, how about it? Let's go for a date?' Yljia asks. Don't have anything better to do and don't have that individual who I like to be with...

'Sure' I say and go wear something for a date. She waits outside politely, which surprised me completely. I came back to her and closed my home door behind me. Then we go for a walk 'You go by the same name still?' I ask 'Oh, of course not, Kera. Name is Tivil now' Tivil says as we walk. An odd way to spend time of date.

'So, what kind of wickedness is in your heart today?' I ask finally tired of my curiosity knocking on my mouths door 'Nothing of that sort young man' Tivil says 'Why do you expect such?' Tivil asks 'I feel like you want to put a ring on it and I am not at ease with the thought' I say feeling uneasy.

She smiles warmly 'Maybe once we get to know each other a whole lot better but, good to know you are so forward thinking' Tivil says and smile changing her face in duplicitous way. I got to admit, that made my heart skip a beat. Her smile turned to warm and something tells me she knows what I felt.

'Do you always experiment in such manner with people?' I ask 'No, I am more interested on what lies beyond what we see actually' Tivil says 'So, why did you curse me then?' I ask finding her answer odd 'Back then, I mostly cursed people out of boredom and for my own entertainment. I had no fire' Tivil says being sincere.

'Then I changed your life' I say continuing what she said 'Indeed. Instead of a letter you just dropped a box on my hands and told me to start packing' Tivil says being metaphorical 'You decided to literally integrate back into the civilization?' I ask being surprised mostly of that. We are walking on stone bridge.

She quickly jumps on the railing and starts walking on it. She is so calm about it 'Yeap, so much more intense than I expected, whole lot more interesting than I thought, far from predictable than I feared' Tivil says as she balances perfectly on the railing, I am getting slightly worried.

'What is it exactly you are interested on beyond what we see?' I ask 'Is it not obvious?' she asks and moves her right foot on the air off from the railing on her next step. I grab from her left hand and she quickly turns to me taking a grip from my left hand. She then drops down casually back on the bridge.

She is so unpredictable but, also quite exciting. She locks lips with me and hugs me. I am flabbergasted... I am cursed again, this time, I think I like it. I also kind of dislike it, she has me around her finger. No, not forcefully in love curse, curse of not knowing what kind of twists life has in store for me.


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After causing several embarrassing things, I found out who did this to me and I go to the witch. The surprised and alarmed to find me in her front door I said 'You are going to have a long discussion with me' I say, she shook her head trying to defy the curse but, she is now victim of her little trick now. I wrote to her what I wanted to say without saying it.

After two hours of talk, she is not so bad and think for a moment 'You are going to be reverted to same age as I am' I say and it happens. Hmm... She looks nice but... 'Out of nowhere appears clothing you would rather wear than what you are currently wearing' I say, she in front of her appears clothing she likes. She is almost glowing from happiness.

'You are free from forced to talk with me and I am no longer cursed' I say. Witch looked at me completely bewildered 'Next time when you want attention, maybe try to talk to the individual first before cursing this' I say and head home, knowing I have crap sort out now, thanks to the witch's curse. Curse me again, if you effing dare. After few days somebody knocks on my door.


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I don't know whether she knew I love fencing and I was practicing home, thankfully alone... I can not dispatch these foes especially the ones with magic but, I can tutor the melees what comes on danger of sharp objects, because modern day fencing is absolutely nuts in terms of it's depth, tricks, tools, approaches and escapes.

I quickly sting lethal wound on first two who came at me, first one came at me with too wide stance and weapon attack arc to knock my weapon away, quick feint, step forward and sting into the throat left this one absolutely flabbergasted and second one immediately came at me as I was pulling my weapon out. Quick pivot of my body to left and back off.

This one seems to be observing me, I need to finish this quick, so I employ a weak lunge to try to suss out his defensive and it bought it but, I stole it back by capitalizing on his weapon's moving away from center too much and quickly parry then deep stab wound into gut, who knows what these things bleed. It isn't pretty that is all I will say.

I go to my girlfriend who has been keeping enemy magicians busy. She smiles warmly and wide as came to her side 'I was alone... Be thankful of that' I say 'Geared up and ready to go too it seems' she says and began to hide her enjoyment of the situation 'Geared up? I mean, at least the bare minimal' I say sounding somewhat worried.

'Oh come on, a guy like you ought to...' she managed to say before we both had to dodge incoming projectiles and take cover 'Maybe later?' I ask from my own 'Later' she says with some worry in her voice as that honestly was a bit too close even for her liking 'Get out?' I ask as this situation is not good as I take a peek and immediately see another projectile.

It hit my cover and didn't break it but, enemies have ranged advantage 'Yes, this way' she says becoming a bit sober of the situation I think. We start running and soon appear in my home's basement, her clothing are absolutely gorgeous. We both give ourselves time to breath and I take off the helmet. Gelia had turned towards me but, before she could say anything.

I give her a kiss on her lips which made her first very surprised but, she gives me another kiss and we hug each other keeping lips locked for at least ten seconds. Once we stopped the kiss, she looks into my eyes with wide smile telling of her enjoyment and mischievous side. Her clothing transforms to her normal ones and we just share this moment with each other.

'I guess we are done dating finally' Gelia says and giggles 'We are, with one condition' I say smiling warmly to her and throwing the blade in a safe way towards a weapon rack. 'Let me guess, no more close calls?' Gelia asks and sets her head against my chest. She can clearly hear my heartbeat. I set my own head lightly on her hairs.

'Yes' I say and quickly start carrying her which made her yelp in humorous (at least in my opinion) and surprised manner. She wasn't so amused by it as she pouted for a moment as I carry her up from my basement but, then just accepts it. I give indication that I am going to stop carrying her and she stands on her own again. We are in kitchen of my house.

I am guessing she secretly enjoyed that. An office working, who secretly does visit a gym and love for fencing that I have a saber in my home. 'Nice moves, awful looking helmet and suit though' she says 'I haven't trained wearing any armor and I have a feeling it is useless there where we were' I say.

'They are, will you one day teach me to what you did?' Gelia asks 'I will when you ask' say 'Tell me Sam, how do you feel about me?' Gelia asks and I reply with a kiss on her cheek 'I love you' I say and smile warmly, Gelia looks slightly relieved and smiles warmly back to me 'I love you' Gelia says as we hug again. Something grumbles somewhat loudly. It is her stomach.

'I haven't eaten for a while. Can we make something to eat?' Gelia asks little bit embarrassed but, relieved as I just smile and hum in humored manner 'Let's get to it then, love' I say 'I prefer if you use my name, my love, Sam' Gelia says 'As you wish Gelia' I say and we start setting up to make something to eat.


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(Oh no, oh why, THIS was not the outcome I wanted with my prank, Oh god) Isade thinks as she runs through woods. Her transformation spell has hit the territory's lord instead of his unfit and ill-behaving lackey. Unfortunately, after running for a hour. She is almost out of stamina and she just barely can hear dogs being unleashed and town bell being rang.

She takes a quick break then starts jogging but, it is only delaying. A hunter and it's dog catch up to her. A throwing dagger leaves the hunter's hand and flies in the air towards Isade's right leg a loud cling of a two metals hitting each other is heard both hunter and prey look in pure astonishment around them.

While somebody from an unknown position readies another arrow and holds in the pull hand another arrow. Hunter unleashes the dog and second arrow flies out impales the dog's heart and before the hunter could mutter a word, third arrow sticks into his shoulder and enters deep. Isade gets new strength from this and starts running.

(Whoever just shot those, thank you so much) Isade thinks as she continues running and as sun is going down she arrives on a border of the territories owned by different lords. She is spent but, last hope is crossing the border. She can barely hear it again but, those who are after her are getting closer. She starts crawling the rocky road.

She gets on the other side of the border and lays down panting from all of the physical exertion she has faced today. Pursuers approach her and are about to cross the border 'HALT!' somebody shouts, pursuers stop immediately. Isade reaches through her memory... It sounded familiar but, tone is so much more different. There is strength, authority and great intimidation in it.

'Please, do step over the border, if you want an arrow through your throat. I can take you all on. COME AT ME!' a man shouted. Isade though, can't muster strength to even look and finally releases her consciousness and faints. 'She is a criminal, she has broken our laws' lackey who Isade very much hated said.

'You know the oath, WHELP!' Jan shouted 'Don't even think about throwing anything or readying a bow, I have all of you dead to rights, turn around and walk away' Jan commands 'Boss, we should go...' one of the underlings of the lackey says 'Why?' lackey asks confused and irritated greatly by the tone of fear in his underling's voice.

'That's him, "Bow of Ressew"' the grunt said 'Impossible!' lackey shouted and looks at the ranger 'Believe him, walk! Now!' Jan commands. Lackey clearly is going to defy but, his grunts pull him back 'Boss, don't! I am not kidding, he could take on two dozen of us and would just call it a warm up' one of the grunts said.

'I am going to count this as border incident in five... Four...' Jan said and started counting. Pursuers finally abandon the chase completely. Jan waits bow still ready to shoot and follows the pursuit abandoning people for a while with his aim, then he resets the string puts the arrow away then sheathes the bow on his body.

He picks up Isade and looks at the face for a while (Isade... What have you gotten yourself into this time?) Jan thought feeling guilty of whole situation when he recognizes the woman as the same girl who attended the same school but, different courses. One who did prank him multiple times but, once, save his life from a possibly deadly archery accident.

Isade is insensible unfortunately and probably won't wake up for a while. Jan goes to his horse and set Isade in a manner he still can support her, so she won't fall off and then gets on his horse too and careful ride to Jan's home begins. It isn't fancy what would expect from somebody with such tittle from that battle between the territory lords.

Jan nurses Isade but, physical extortion Isade put herself through requires mostly rest... Jan is very worried though and stays up all night. Order to keep Isade's recovery at best rate to his knowledge. He has set Isade to lie on a big seat made from hay, placed a pillow under her head and covered her with a duvet.

Night passes into morning which turns to mid day. Jan was listening for breath and was raising his head away thinking Isade was going to calmly wake up but, Isade raised immediately and opens her eyes. Her lips making contact with Jan's own lips both in complete shock of the moment but, break off as quickly as it happened 'How dare you kiss me!?' Isade shouted kneads her eyes to get all what is bothering her sight out of her eyes.

She gasps from surprise recognizing Jan who has backed off to give space for Isade 'Jan?' Isade asks trying to get confirmation from the man 'Sorry Isade' Jan said greatly regretting what happened 'You... Kept your promise...' Isade said and motions Jan to come closer. Seeing Jan's face again. She is absolutely sure this is the boy she saved back then.

Jan comes closer and sits down next to of Isade but, looking past her ashamed to look in to her eyes right now. 'Do it again... Please' Isade said. Jan hesitates and turns his face slightly away from Isade. She lightly and gently turns Jan's face to her and they kiss again. They hug, Isade tightly and Jan lightly fearing that he could hurt her.


Aftel43 t1_izytmrc wrote

It MIGHT require a particular mind set... However I read fantasy books I loan from library which usually help a lot on piecing things together. How do you have your characters interact etc.

There has been few books particular that have struck a cord on me. (I might misspell the following name incorrectly) His Majesty's Dragon and Jade Throne (which isn't as good as the first one, but it is worth reading.) *Sigh* what else was there. Oh yeah, Dragon Lance series' Draconian Plots is also pretty good.

The heck... It's now +50... Well, I guess, it is now pretty clear I probably should continue.


Aftel43 t1_izxpz6c wrote

If you request so, I can continue on here with the editing that has been granted but, +25 upvotes? Even with the typos and other flaws that I have and haven't noticed. I guess, I am doing something right then?

'Asking for you name is going to require us to trade info, doesn't it?' she asked 'Yes, but, you already know what I would ask from you' I replied and just look at the view 'My name is Jill Gilegan' Jill said 'Ruzen, nice to meet you ma'am' I said and turn my head to look at her then nod to her. She nods back looking a bit unsure.

She then continues browsing. I look at the sky and it is closing on evening. Wind is going to be very cold for her. 'I am not on a clock am I?' Jill asks sounding nervous 'Only on certain type of clock' I said 'What is that supposed to mean?' Jill asked sounding both nervous and confused.

'Take a look at the time on your phone' I said '18:11, what about it?' Jill asked calming down but, still confused 'Winds above the tree tops are going to be very cold, to the point of may cause hypothermia without proper clothing' I said 'That makes a lot of sense' Jill said understanding the danger.

'So, what do we do?' Jill asked as I smell the air and she notices my tongue quickly visiting air close of her. She just raised her eye brow at this as I memorize her scent, because I have a feeling she is going to visit me again later. 'Well, I am guessing you don't have a tent with you' I said and get up then stretch a bit.

'I don't, we are going to your den?' Jill said catching on quick 'Exactly, winds even here on the ground level are going to be a bit too much for human even with your clothing to handle. Consider this as kindness and a way to ask that you do not tell about me to anybody' I said and motion with my head for her to follow me.

She got up from the rock and we start traveling to my den following the river upstream we arrive to a den I burrowed. I enter and at the place I sleep at, I lie down. I open my right side wing a little and take position to allow Jill to sleep against me 'Come on, you might want to eat something before we sleep' I said.

'What do you eat?' Jill asked walked under my right wing and sat down on my front right leg and under my wing 'Mostly wild animals, one bear is enough for three days' I said 'Wow, you are so warm' Jill said amazed by my body heat 'I mean, isn't that normal for my size?' I asked 'Right, it makes sense' Jill said and relaxes.

She then started eating her meal and drinks some water from a bottle both of which were in her backpack 'What exactly are you interested on anyway?' Jill asked 'Finally you ask, history is what I love hear about' I said 'You...' Jill said agitated a bit but, catches herself 'Is asking so difficult?' I asked from her.

'Considering how you barter... Yes' Jill said bottling her agitation 'Fair answer, just use some common sense before asking' I said 'Fair enough... I am exhausted...' Jill said sounding a bit tired 'So many feelings in such little time and I am guessing walking for at least three hours will do that you' I said.

'That is very accurate, I was hoping I could make it back home after hour and a half rest but, then I saw you' Jill said opening up a bit 'Wondering around the woods that late is not wise, miss Jill. Very unwise' I said 'Well, with the presence of a dragon, I am quite sure wild animals aren't even anywhere close by' Jill said.

'Not many, few and quite distance from one and another, however, it doesn't mean that they wouldn't move through the area as quickly as possible and who knows at what kind of condition the animal is' I said 'You are right... Thank you' Jill said 'Consider this kindness and a way of asking you to not tell anybody about me' I said.

'It is a promise...' Jill said as she finally succumbed sleep due to exhaustion and after a while I fall asleep too. You are lucky lady Jill, you very likely would have had horrible follow up day if it wasn't for my kindness and caring of those who I used to be.


Aftel43 t1_izw96o1 wrote

If there is one thing that is mind breaking about turning into a dragon. It is the actual transformation, growth and adapting to the new body. Pride does come with this but never had an issue to keep it in check and only allow it to be a factor in few things. No plants for me from now on which is both good and bad, I didn't grow as big as usual dragons which is good.

Because modern weapons are no joke, but, it isn't my intent to be a danger, although unfortunately that is very difficult to read from a scaly thing like me as average man is about third of my height. My passion has always been learning and a fitting price is set, if the individual who approaches me wishes to learn something, this has to inform me of something new or teach about it.

The solitude never bothered me but, encounter with a human is always interesting. So far, half and half. You know, half running away and half start praying for their lives until hearing my voice and realizing I am an individual capable of human speech, have intelligence and awareness of the world.

Usually those who meet me at my request don't spread the news which is delightful and they will have my thanks, if they have the bearings to search for me. I notice somebody in corner of my eye as I rest on the ground looking at this river area, I do not turn my head too much just enough that I can observe it with one eye.

It is a human, when it got close enough I turn my gaze fully at it 'Human, you may stop trying to approach me without me noticing now' I said gently. No answers, I do suspect that this might have a firearm that could hurt me. After few seconds though of me staring at the location of the human. She stands up and reveals herself.

She doesn't have a firearm with her, so, I just turn to look at the view again. 'What kind of dragon are you?' she asked 'Hmm... An eccentric one' I said 'So, no fire breath or massive hoard of gold and valuables?' she asked sounding little bit surprised 'No, to both. You have no idea how painful it would be to have the former and while shiny things are nice, I am not that type' I said.

'Why are you here then?' she asked and arrived right next to of me then looks at the view. Finding it just as beautiful as I do 'I have appreciation for finer things, such as solitude, beautiful view such as this and stillness of air' I said and look at the lady. In human standards she is pretty but, more in the graceful side than actual beauty.

She sat down on a rock to admire the view 'What do you do then?' she asks breaking the long moment of silence, which is not irritating as having somebody to talk to every now and then is very nice. 'It isn't obvious?' I ask in a slightly snarky tone but, it should be pretty obvious 'Just living your life? I... Got to admit, I was expecting a bit more grandiose answer' she said.

I chuckle 'Quite big bearings you have m' lady' I said and turn to her 'So, what would you like to learn?' I asked. She seemed to almost hiccup from becoming nervous as I turned to her and asked my question 'There is a price in this isn't there?' she asked, smart woman. 'There is, knowledge, for knowledge' I said. She looks at me into my eye.

'You really are a strange one' woman said still surprised of my eccentricity 'Individuality can be quite a strange thing lady' I said 'Well, that is a statement I can not disagree with' she said, I chuckle a bit and she looks a bit annoyed of being outwitted 'So, how about it? Knowledge for knowledge?' I ask.

'I need to ask, what I would like to know and in turn I need to teach you something new?' she asked keeping her emotions in check 'Correct' I said straightly. She thinks for a while 'We can exchange as many times as we desire?' she asked and does sound like she is buying time 'How much are you willing to gamble?' I asked. This made her quite nervous.

'So, it has to be a fair trade' she said realizing the gravity of the situation 'Indeed' I said 'Does the previous questions count?' she asked 'No' I said 'There isn't really any knowledge I wish to learn but, travel home is long' she said. I chuckle 'Ma'am, no, however if you have a rope just tie a knot around my talon and tie yourself tightly, but, for that you must teach me two things I do not yet know' I said.

'Well, it should be easy but, I am nervous' she said and pulled out a phone to start browsing the internet. I chuffed in amused manner.