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"I'll also be upfront regarding the historic home part, in that price
range a lot of the historic/old homes are going to need A LOT of work.
I'm not saying this will always be the case but more often than not."

Be easy on them, I'm guessing OP being from FL, and not CT (or any of the original 13 colonies), I think they (and many) don't know what a "historic" home is. As in one with a is usually protected, has a plaque, etc. They could just mean an older colonial house, which there are tons here but don't qualify as being "historic".

Also, you raise a good point about what town. I think what a lot of people from outside of New England don't really understand is our town government and how it differs from the rest of the country's country government. The opposite is true when people like us move out of state to like PA. I remember on one of the West Hartford Facebook pages a poster moving to West Hartford from somewhere in the south ask about a recommendation for private schools because she read that Hartford schools rank low, unaware that West Hartford had its own school system, and believing Hartford schools covered the whole Hartford county, not the city.


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Probably. But I know they are very strict about DUIs. I watched some episodes of the Canadian border security show on Pluto, and I know as a foreigner one can't even get into the country if you have a DUI. In order to gain entry one first has to contact the embassy and prove, some how, that they have been rehabilitated.


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You might have some better luck forming something on Mert-up. Then post the group here once it's all set up. There is a fee, but it uses algorithms to help find people in your area, who have the interests that you do. I've joined local clubs that way for my interest. Reddit is pretty difficult for this kind of stuff, at least I find it to be.


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"American Helicopter Parents over reacting, putting a whole country on high a alert, because their 22 year old adult child, decided to do that typical thing a young man does in Europe; travel the country for a bit without contacting anyone"

Son is publicly embarrassed by his parents

He didn't even know he was missing

Parents are perceived by the French people as the entitled, naive, fear based m, stereotypical Americans that they are.