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What is happening is that you are cherry picking the best 5 sitcoms out of 5 decades of sitcoms. You have hundreds of sitcoms to choose from, most of which failed to last a single season.

And you are comparing the top 1% of all sitcoms in the past with the few current sitcoms. And of course the current sitcoms look bad in comparison.


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The government does not claim that every item went up less than the rate of inflation. It claims that the average increase of everything is the rate of inflation.

The price of houses has gone down. Should the government be declaring that there is negative inflation?


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It doesn't. The show is boring and dreary throughout.

It is just that there are people who think that boring and dreary is great. These are the people who think "prestige" television is good.


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It was not supposed to be anything. The back of comics had a letters section and Stan Lee would respond to the letters. He would write "you won a No Prize". He was joking, but people would then write back saying they had not received it.


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They aren't. No shows are popular. You are confusing "do well enough to make a lot of them" with being popular.

The most watched show on television is FBI which get 5% of the U.S. as viewers. I'll repeat that, the most "popular" show on television only appeals to 5% of the population.

No shows are popular. They just get enough viewers to be considered successful.


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Taking a ship around was always the way to go if you could afford it.

You could also take a ship to Panama, cross there, and then take a ship to California if you wanted to save a few months onboard ship.