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It really goes deeper than that, this isn’t really about religion or even Islam. But what the regime is doing is claiming that the women who want basic human rights/women’s right’s and are standing up for themselves, their country, and other women are insane; solely for wanting those rights. In other words, they’re trying to kill the movement by claiming these women clinically ill, and even more grotesque is how they’re treated in these mental institutions.

To me, this is as evil as the Russian’s mass rape campaign in Ukraine in what it’s trying to achieve; and correlates historically to women being given hysterectomies because of the belief that they were “hysterical”. I doubt men would be dealt with the same treatment which is further demeaning, because of how targeted of an approach this is.

It’s also important to note persian culture predates Islam and has a rich heritage and history of dominant women playing prominent societal roles - as a precursor to modern women’s equal rights.


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“As women burn headscarves and cut off their hair in nationwide protests, an Iranian official on Tuesday said that school students participating in street protests are being detained and taken to mental health institutions.”

Doesn’t get more sadistic than this - physical and psychological torture. Absolutely disgusting.