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If anyone is wondering, there are some minor restrictions on what type you can carry here:

It is legal to possess self-defense sprays in the District of Columbia, such as mace or pepper spray.

However, under D.C. Official Code § 7-2502.12, the only legal types of self-defense sprays are “a mixture of a lacrimator including chloroacetophenone, alphacloroacetophenone, phenylchloromethylketone, orthochloriobenazaim-alononitrile or oleoresin capsicum.” Additionally, the self-defense spray must be propelled from an aerosol container, labeled with clearly written instructions for use, and dated with its anticipated useful life. A person may use a self-defense spray only as reasonable force to defend themselves or their property and only if the self-defense sprays meets the requirements above.


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Because they missed their station?!

They at least get a ticket for this right? Or an open hand slap? Nothing crazy, just enough to get their attention


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You think I’m renewing my registration after seeing how rampant this is? I’m buying a license plate cover too, and I’m gunna blackout my windshield. Can’t beat ‘em, join em. I’m done


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Well if the company who did the reno followed the rules, their demo plan would on file with the DC Dept of buildings (office of planning of they took the whole building down). That plan should have a landfill listed as well as recycling center. If they followed the rules all the stuff they took out ended up in one of those. What year was it taken down? What hotel was it?


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So, I used to work as a PM for a demolitions company up until about 2 years ago. You need to find the company that did the selective demolition when whatever hotel it was got remodeled.

That said, don’t get your hopes up. If it was metal it was recycled, if it was anything else it was trashed. Demolitions companies get contracts and take over salvage rights for anything in the building or area. Art this size is insanely expensive to move and the market for it is like 3 people worldwide. Any large art installations that we took over were put in the round file with everything else.