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If looking for old abandoned stuff, there is an old loading dock or something on Chase Street just east of Lyon Avenue (450 w Chase Street is the approximate address). Oftentimes, Moon City organization paints different scenes on it. They are the same people who paint the wood power poles along Atlantic, Chase, and many of the cross streets of those two streets.

There are also many old schools and churches that sit empty all over town.


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You can thank other homeless people for ruining it for the homeless who want to rent rooms and are not all strung out on drugs. The problem in the past for some of these places is that they have rented to a homeless person and next thing they know there is 10 of them in the room, the room is damaged & trashed, and they lose money due to the damages and cleaning.

You know how people say that one person ruined it for everyone else? Well, that is the case for many of the motels/hotels.

I had to get a room one night due to escaping an abusive husband, and the only place that would rent to me was Motel 6. You want to know why I was told no at several other places? Because they didn't want to deal with an abusive man showing up and attacking me. Why because they have dealt with it before and it was a pain in the butt.


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There are many reasons for it from worry about parties being thrown to not wanting to rent to homeless people. If you explain a reason for it, such as you can't stand your mother-in-law and need a break from your house for a night or your water is off due to a pipe that burst then they will usually rent to you.


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On the policy's website, there is a burglary at 6:38pm that the poloce responded to at 1822 E. Berkeley. Maybe the person refused to leave and got in a stand-off with the police.


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Check with the Pythian Castle!

Or ask a Commerial Realtor if they have any clients that are able to rent out their warehouse for a night. The owners are making zero money with it sitting vacant or up for sale and they might be willing to allow a night's rental or maybe even a few days so that you can set up, tear down, and clean up.