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Certainly puts life into perspective in how little time we have to spend it on the wrong types of people.

I will place this on top of my phone wallpaper, the "homepage," so every time I unlock my phone, this poster will remind me every time I regret saying goodbye.

> It's a whole lot of time sacrificed for someone who acts as if you though you did not exist.


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We essentially condition ourselves to become dopamine release reliant when we become results driven instead of purpose driven.

Finding satisfaction in the process of self-discovery and in loyalty to the journey of self-improvement, rather than actual visible progress (or setback), sets you up for true fulfillment.

Happiness in doing vs. receiving.

But I'll admit investing in yourself is hard. You now have distorted reasonable expectations and want to rebuild the world inside of your head while being an intense addict to routinary gratification. Whether that's in your work or personal life, maintaining perspective inside a dilusion, where the world and yourself are the distractors, is like trying to find your way out of a progressively intense ADHD "fever dream" nightmare.

But having someone else tell you these words, it reminds me why I'm here in the first place. Thank you for that.


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I don't mean to reply to everyone but I saw your comment on my way out.

All I can say my friend is that as long as you have life, you can change. Other people cannot determine whether you are or are not redeemable. Even if your past actions are not.

You cannot change who you were yesterday, but you can decide today how you will make up for your ill actions.

Victory is winning over your past & present demons, not giving into them.


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I'd contend the issue lies in the perspective and not on the word.

Beauty, is everywhere.

It's in the little rabbits frolicking in my front yard. It's in the unobstructed wild view of the mountains. It's in the giggles of my true love as she explains her seemingly meaningless day to day happenings of spilling some milk over her t-shirt. It's in the realization of how really well off I actually am (even though my brain will often tell me otherwise).

We who live in peace & abundance often get lost in the hustle. We lose sight of what life actually is about through the chasing of our "dreams". Beauty simply is appreciation. Not a destination.

Anything you take time to genuinely appreciate is something beautiful to you.

Spend excess time, and that appreciation turns into something ugly.

Something moldy.

Something that eventually takes over every facet of your life and becomes this radioactive spore that hurts and spreads misery to (expected &) unexpected people in your life.

Bad people, bad situations, bad trends, bad etc. will always exist. But circumstances don't define us. We decide what kind of person we want & ascribe to be, who we want to see in the world; and if all you see is obsession and cannot appreciate (a beautiful comment, a beautiful view, a beautiful moment) beauty, you should take some steps back and re-evaluate if there is any area in your life or mindset that has become a problem. We dont need to become obsessed with what terrible people do. We don't have to let that become everything.

We believe what other people do matters most but it doesn't. What you do, matters most. Because you make up the collective.

Nothing is more increasingly worse than a beautiful but inactive mind. The silent collective.

Don't let the mistakes of others, or your own, prevent you from embracing your potential and passing on your knowledge, your value, and your happiness onto others. It doesn't take much time out of your day to do so either (or that grand of a gesture).

And that's the beauty of it.


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I subscribed to your newsletter, I honestly appreciate the work you are doing. I will be working alongside you hoping I too reach old age not tainted by bitterness and the works.

Hopefully I can become a positive influence to the people around me, because I don't bother reaching out anymore. Thank you for your post *and the reply.