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> idk if the gnats had used them since smoltz played a game there on a rehab stint once lol)

MLB rehab visits often seem to be where huge minor league attendances come from

The local AAA park, 2nd baseball attendance record is that, 1st and 4th are exhibitions against the major league affiliate, 3rd is Hideki Irabu during his short stint in the minors transitioning from Japanese baseball


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It was immediately obvious that their work would be important for morale

From Patton's speech to the Third Army (his examples are supply logistics)

All the real heroes are not storybook combat fighters. Every single man in the army plays a vital role. So don't ever let up. Don't ever think that your job is unimportant.


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Everton is my team in that football, relegation fights can be a little too interesting. ;)

While that's about the business model rather than the sport itself, it does make late season games for poorly performing teams still relevant instead of "we aren't making the playoffs so F it". While a draft is good for parity, tanking is perverse.

The other football could use a salary cap though, another parity measure, that avoids Man City type financial shenanigans.


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Some womens soccer teams still existed but they had to play elsewhere such as fields intended for other sports. of course it was limited and that was as you say fucked up.


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It's common in soccer to sell supporters of different teams seats in separate sections, a group of tickets sold by the visiting team which mainly their fans would have access to and so on. This would avoid conflict with fans of other teams, and it could be fun to concentrate the most enthusiastic supporters of your team. Not sure how big of an issue that is for the womens world cup but it is a general tradition in the sport


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The (English) Football Association in 1921 banned women from playing at the stadiums of its mens clubs, a lot of other countries followed suit, and that wasn't lifted til 1971, so it sadly makes sense it took til 1973 to get a womens team organized