Alarm_Clock_2077 t1_j6hgkwb wrote

Ally lmao. India doesn't have any allies. Also, Russia didn't exist back in 1971.

Anyways, the US govt. views India as an important partner to curb China's expansionism. India has taken steps to counter China and work towards the same cause. The US viewed Turkey as an ally to work against Russia, however Turkey's caliph Erdogan has done otherwise.

I swear man, redditors have to be living in a separate timeline.

By the way, India has been offered the F-15EX, F/A-18, F-21 (upgraded F16 Blk 70) etc, all of which are coming to the Aero India expo scheduled some time later. And guess which fighter is coming along too. You guessed it, the F35. There is a big chance it would be pitched to India.