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Interesting. I think I've heard of one of these bands (Dream Theater). Not sure they'd make a "top 64 of all time" list by most standards (unless a prog rock list), but always nice to expand my knowledge!


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Stews has much better meat, seafood, bakery and produce. Not sure if it has much better prices in those areas than a typical supermarket.

Stews is bad, though, if you want a particular other product (e.g., a specific type of cereal), as their selection is pretty limited.


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>Think big bands that had huge sales, a big fan base, that kind of thing. Bands that are "IMPORTANT". Hall of Famers

This is more or less what I'm thinking. Not necessarily personal opinion (though that will obviously play a role), but not purely commercial success either.

I can imagine some bands being very successful but not all time hall of famers (New Kids on the Block), and I can imagine all time hall of famers that didn't have massive commercial success (though obviously they would probably have had a good deal of success, or nobody would have heard of them - Sex Pistols?).