Aldurfel t1_j7fyo8q wrote

My hand trembled as I stared into the large, intelligent eyes that knew that they were about to die. I was never a killer, I never had courage, and I had loved dragons ever since I was a little kid.

And so, I dropped my blade, and hugged the majestic beast. I could feel its surprise at my action, but I don't care. I've studied this one. Its been misunderstood. It hasn't burnt down a single village, taken a single animal, or have even a singular copper coin. It just wanted to fly, and be free. So I refused to kill it.

My party tried to get me aside so they could do the deed themselves, when suddenly everything around me, except for the dragon, was all grey. Everything was frozen. Time stop. The dragon must've recovered just enough to use its magic.

I heard a booming voice in my head, and I looked at the dragon. It was touched by me, and was willing for me to become his heir by me inheriting its magic. I accepted, and the flow of time resumed.

I fought my once companions, running on pure instinct. I didn't really know how to fight in practical situations, I was just taught martial arts. But the magic that I somehow knew to use helped a lot.

They accused me of being the dragon, that the dragon had really went into my body. I don't blame them, but I keep them from the corpse all the same. With that final use of his magic, the mighty dragon had died.

Once I was finally done protecting the dragon, I looked towards him. I could use his parts to make armor and weapons. But that would mean taking apart his body... and then once again I could hear his voice in my head. It boomed about how he didn't mind me using his physical format to better myself. I then, with his guidance, made tools and armor for myself.

I then lived my now extended life, in his place. I lived in his home, became friends with his friends, protected as much as I could from humans, and fly around. Soon I didn't need armor or weapons, as my scales and claws were all that I needed. I soon intimidated everyone with my roar, and obtained great wings, perfect to fly around in. Apparently I had to become a dragon to safely wield the magic and not feel the strain. Oh well, its a dream come true. Goodnight, humans.


Aldurfel t1_j249p0s wrote

Today was the kast day. They were marching. The moon was high, and they were marching. All of the vampires, werewolves, witches, wizards, succubi and incubi, all of them. All of the supernatural. Dragons soar in the air, occasionally letting out streams of flame. Magic users waving their wands, casting their spells. They all were working together, to save us. When I pulled aside one of them, a vampire, he said

"You see sonny, I've been around for the past century. And I love you guys. I can't speak for everyone, but I don't exactly want you dudes to die."

So when I shared that with my higher-ups, we decided to march as well. The entire world was gathering at this one place, ready for the meteor. The Dragons shape-shift to their human forms, and everyone prepares. Then one spellcaster walks up. He looks wizened, but powerful. When he speaks, everyone listens, and can hear.

"Now everyone! I can get rid of the meteor, but I need your life-force to power the spell at this scale! Don't worry, with so many of you here, I only need to take about the equivalent of a few days off."

We gladly gave up those days to save the rest of our lives. He spoke quietly, but I could hear him. I bet everyone could.

"Ninth level. Wish. May the meteor go away, and never crash on this planet again!"

Spectral dice appear, and roll. His expression brightens at the result, and the meteor just... dissapears. We all burst out in cheers, when I walk up to him. I see another dice roll, and he looks dissapointed. I ask him what's wrong, and he replies.

"Boyo, when you cast a spell that alters reality, you have to feel the stress of using such a spell. A 33 percent chance to never cast Wish again. And guess what I rolled. A 1. Heh. I guess this is my penance for not helping humanity before now."

He seemed to take it in stride, it was admirable. Eventually, after 10 days of celebration, to counteract the 10 days of doomsday we were under, everyone left. Eventually, when I was discharged, I got a small apartment in New Orleans, as I always liked jazz, and my neighbor is a dragon! I always loved them, so this was welcome. And I always wondered what happened to the one who saved us. The one who lost his Wish...