Alesthar t1_iswdtrm wrote


Now I can somewhat understand. Afterall, even if a human being came and started deadlifting your family like they were paperweights, it would make someone feel, not as strong. However, the issue is that the insecurity is there with someone you are dating. Going by human and orc standards, her consistently coming over tells me that you guys have to pretty serious and committed, and so with that, you’re telling me that the woman who you’ve been with, likely intimate with, and maybe even discussed the future with, makes you insecure? Yeah, that’s awful.

The fact of the matter is that orcs are superior to humans in physical strength. Humans have their own benefits and pluses over orcs, and it’s likely that one of those things was among the reasons she chose you. She knew she was with a human being, and knew that she’d have some weaknesses compared to you, and yet here she is, perfectly fine dating you. You should be able to do the same.

Another thing is that, you may be one of the few respectful people who choose someone based on personality rather than looks, but it’s clear you don’t research other cultures, because if you did you’d recognize that this is part of her culture, and the culture of many different orcs, ogres, and the like. I know human culture isn’t like that, but at the very least make acknowledgment of the fact.

Final thing I can say is, she, along with her family, are probably making you do this since she can’t do that with your people. Fair is fair and compromise is the name of a relationship you know. I’d just say to take it, you have a powerful family willing to help you feel more secure and stronger, might as well take full advantage.

TL;DR: YTA, be better.