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Decrease the size and make it pay a livable wage. As it doesn't pay anything only rich people can do it, or old people.

Restrict lobbying and restrict campaign financing, tighten the belt on corporate rule.

Yeah it would work, and yes it's that simple even on the federal level. The devil is in the details; it's not easy but it would work. Why hasn't it been done? Simple, if the parasite is in charge of making medical decisions for the host - will it administer the antibiotics?


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Doesn't matter, they endorse Republican who aren't snall government. In fact the only time in recorded history they ever """stand against tyranny""" is on public health topics like vaccines. On the basis of stupid and false conspiracy theories.

They... Rage against vaccines?

CACR18 - reproductive rights. Michael Yakubovich, their endorsed candidate wants big government in your bedroom, voted no. Small government my ass.

HB1349 - drug war bill related to mushrooms. Small government my ass, these candidates support the single biggest loss of civil liberties in American history (the drug war) dwarfing even 9/11 in that respect. Small government my ass.

At least he did vote yes to one cannabis legalization bill HB1598. Not nearly as bad of a hypocrite as the Texas tyranny caucus (they falsely call themselves the freedom caucus)

HB1022 - horse medicine to treat COVID-19. He voted yes.