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Seems like it’s a widespread threat. My wife’s elementary school was on lockdown this morning in Cambria County. I teach at Duquesne and we received multiple updates about these hoax threats today. If I had to guess, it might be related to the recent school shooting in Tennessee - someone’s dumb idea to try and at least invoke a reaction from the thoughts and prayers crowd.


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I lived a little further down on Buena Vista for a year or two near the park, also in Manchester next to the baseball field. The neighborhood around Buena Vista is fine and I’ve always felt safe walking around there at night. Towards the hospital and the Giant Eagle where you’re talking about, definitely not. My roommate at the time witnessed a drive by a block from the hospital. The guy was just sitting in his car parked in front of that church across from the park and sadly didn’t make it. The helicopter is also super disruptive. I couldn’t imagine living right there.

I think the neighborhood is going to change a lot over the next 10 years, same with Manchester. A lot of businesses moving in, new apartment buildings, rent prices going up, etc.