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Why bother with investigative journalism when you can just have your reporter/AI vomit out some basic bullshit information instead? It might earn them the same amount of clicks either way, and it costs a lot less. In a way I think it’s partly down to people not valuing that kind of journalism enough to pay for it. If we leave them to resort to click-baiting to generate revenue, this is about the quality of journalism I think we can expect from them.


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I mean, that’s just capitalism. They aren’t mandating what other states do. They’re only regulating what companies do in their own state. Companies are more than free to just not sell their products in California and then aren’t bound by the regulations in California. But capitalism being capitalism, companies will choose to meet the regulations, because California is one of the largest economies in the world and they stand to make a lot more money by doing business there. And since it’s generally cheaper to make all their products the same instead of specializing a portion of their products for California only, products in other states end up conforming to the regulations incidentally.

The Texas law, on the other hand, is attempting to impose its legislation on other states and the people in them, instead of on companies that are doing business within their borders. The California regulations does not impact the laws and regulations of another state. It does impact how companies behave in other states, but only because they really really want to do business in California and it’s just easier to make all of their products conform to the standard instead of making California-only products just for them. I would maybe compare it with the way that media companies would conform to Chinese censorship in their movies, games, etc, because the Chinese market is absolutely huge and they stood to make an absolute killing by conforming. Companies will always choose to make as much money as they can, and that’s just capitalism. The Texas law is an entirely different beast and it’s probably constitutionally unenforceable for the most part.


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If they tried enforcing that, the law would quickly be slapped down for unconstitutionality. I kind of think they know better than to try for that reason, it’s just political scarecrow with no teeth in that regard. States don’t have the right to legislate citizens of other states. I’m not sure they can even really enforce the law on Texans who get abortion elsewhere. You can’t be arrested in a state where marijuana is illegal because you smoked weed in a legal state, it’s the same idea, well, sort of.


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Is getting raped a “consequence of one’s own actions” to you?

If body rights are just made up bullshit then surely you wouldn’t care about the government making medical decisions about treatment on your behalf? You’re not a hypocrite, right? You don’t care about the right to make your own decisions about your health and medical care?


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Viability takes quite a bit longer than the “first couple weeks” of a pregnancy. Before Roe was overturned in the US, viability was where the law drew the line nationwide.

People below 18 are still entitled to citizenship, still get counted in the census, are still eligible for child tax breaks. Pretty disingenuous to compare those to guns and voting and alcohol, which are widely regarded as adult things which require some degree of maturity to handle responsibly.


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Before fetal viability it’s really just a clump of cells, it’s a glorified tumor. After fetal viability it was never really legal to abort anyways, and I think most people would agree with that approach.

But also, if fetuses are people then why don’t they get citizenship rights when they’re conceived in the US instead of at birth? Why don’t pregnant mothers get child tax breaks? Why aren’t fetuses counted in the census? Seems like the law doesn’t exactly regard them as people either.


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Nah, tons of fascist dickheads still look up to him and ideologies he espoused are still alive and well. The legacy of the war he helped start is still felt to this day as well. Idk, he was a real dickhead. I think I would get a little kick out someone throwing a “Fuck Hitler Party” just to smash up some of his shit. There’ll always be a digital record anyways so it’s really more symbolic