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I've been using my Gmail account for over 20 years. There's no other cloud storage I've been using that long.

And yes, I know, putting all my eggs in one basket is risky. But wholesale deletion is certainly not the answer.


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Ugh, what a dreadful suggestion.

You're asking me to delete email from deceased loved ones, photos of family members and vacation trips, poetry from friends, legal notices about retirement accounts, the name of that great park I visited on vacation, my aunt's cherry chocolate cake recipe...

No. Just no. This is the worst LPT I've ever seen.


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I can't help you with your interpersonal issue, but there are some problems that you can throw money at.

Dishwashers, robot vacuums, kitchen organizers, a dishpan for the few things that really benefit from a soak, an extra laundry basket dedicated for towels, trash and recycling bins in every room, power tub scrubbing brush, for most cleaning nemeses there's a tool to make it easier.

Except for clutter. You're on your own for that one ;-)


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Write three or four resumes tailored for three or four different aspects of jobs your degree has prepared you for. Make sure to use keywords scraped from job postings to get past the automated filters. Start spamming them out to any reasonable match. I've got decades of experience and get very few responses to my resumes.

You say you've just gotten your master's degree -- what jobs have you had along the way? Can you get more of that type of job, just tilted a little bit towards using your education, and work towards stuff directly in your field?

It's really hard to step right out of school into a job in a non-STEM field, it's a tough job market. Spread your resume around to job boards, but make sure to use a different email address for each place you post it so you can start figuring out where your junk mail comes from.

For example, if my email address were I might post resumes with email addresses like

So that I could immediately see when and where someone got my resume.

(I put my resume up on for two weeks in 2012 and took it down because of low quality responses. I still get email to that address )

There are specialized job boards for all kinds of fields -- make sure you are looking everywhere relevant to your field. Go to a university library and read a bunch of professional periodicals -- they often have job ads. Even if they are advertising for a senior position you don't qualify for, you now have the name of a company hiring in your field. Check their website for open positions.

If your university has an alumni newsletter, mine that for the names of companies people are bragging about getting jobs at.

Go to a web browser and search for "my field jobs" and there are likely to be a ton of job boards and talent agencies that show up. Career counseling sites, too. (For example, I searched for "fine arts jobs" and in addition to a bunch of job boards I also found an interesting looking site in the UK titled "What jobs can I get with a fine arts degree". I don't know what your field is but I assume there are similar results for it.)


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... and on the gripping hand...

(For those not getting the reference, it's to Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's SF novel The GrippingeHand and their Moties race, who did in fact have a third hand, "the gripping hand"; the phrase entered human culture as a way to talk about non-binary decisions.)

People who control complex machinery often talk about how it can come to feel like an extension of their body, this was like a natural extension of that.


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Surprised nobody has mentioned depression as a possible cause. Do you have health insurance that would cover a therapist?

If not, I agree with the suggestion of exercise. It doesn't have to be much. Walk around the house a few times in the morning and evening. Walk around the building after you clock out at work. Take the steps down from all of your classes.


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The COVID vaccines have a dramatic difference in the number of people who die, the number of people who get sick enough to go to the hospital, the number of people who are sick long term. That's basic statistics, well understood.

The people dropping dead and having heart problems? Those are statistically insignificant. It's a tragedy when someone drops dead 3 days after their COVID vaccine, but it's not statistically much more likely than people dropping dead for other reasons. Acetaminophen kills more people every year by a wide margin, but you don't hear people talking about banning that.

"Herd Immunity"? The virus is out-mutating that. Just ask all the people who have gotten COVID 3 or 4 times. Just ask the countries that tried that as a national strategy.

It's truly disheartening just how politicized the reaction to COVID-19 has been.