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> The average CEO is earning nearly 400 times what the average employee makes, according to data from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI)

The average CEO of the top 350 companies in America. There are 40 million companies in America with the actual average CEO being less than $200k


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You wasted your time writing this because Tesla is now using LFP batteries that don’t use Cobalt

Judging by your post history that almost exclusively advocates for Tesla’s supposed use of child slave cobalt miners, you should be loving Musk for publicly directing his engineers to develop LFP battery tech to eliminate the use of cobalt


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It’s too long and don’t have the time to watch it completely atm

So apparently Elon managed to dupe the DoD, Space Force, and NRO into handing him the multi-billion dollar StarShield program, as well as countries like China and Russia who are desperate to build a competing satellite network