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Wonderful research showing that if you only look at those who are deficient in the things which walnuts contain, eating additional walnuts can help. No actual test cases, just looked at the nutrients. It was no surprise to find this was funded by the Californian Walnut Commission.


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Nothing that I read offered a solution. They implied that pre-carbonating gets over the problem of cracking of the concrete as it carbonates, but that isn't a serious issue. Corrosion of reinforcing steel can and does occur in uncracked concrete if the pH is not kept alkaline. The permeability of the concrete to air is ample to allow this. Subsequently cracking occurs because the corrosion products have a higher volume than the steel they replace. The cracking is a result of the corrosion, not the cause of it.


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If you pre-carbonate the concrete you are not going to have the alkaline environment which prevents the corrosion of the steel reinforcement in the concrete. That will necessarily lead to expansive corrosion and spalling of the concrete. An approach like this might be effective for mass concrete, with no reinforcement, but that's a very small part of the concrete market.


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The article doesn't make clear (as far as I can see) whether this filtration system is a once-through system which needs to be replaced once used up, or whether there is a technique for replenishing the filter to allow continuing or multiple uses. Single-use filters can be a problem as you end up replacing one pollutant with another (the used filter).


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If you accept that starting from a false premise counts as a fallacious argument that's easy. Example:

  • The bible is the source of all valid ethics
  • The bible approves of slavery [demonstrably true]
  • Therefore slavery is ethically acceptable


  • The quality of a movie can be assessed by its reviews in the media
  • Media reviews of the Godfather were more positive than for all other films in history [almost certainly not true]
  • Therefore the Godfather is the best movie ever.

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For what it's worth, my mother gave me a copy of Thouless' "Straight and Crooked Thinking" when I was around 10 to 12 years old (my memory fades on the precise date), and it has guided me these past 55 years. My position is that you can't prove a point by using fallacious arguments, but that without arguments you can't prove anything.