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> Some right-wing movements and religious figures who are attached to conservative gender roles have seen Butler as a threat to society. This is ironic, given Butler’s work has always maintained a commitment to justice, equality and non-violence.

Where's the irony? For some conservatives justice, equality and non-violence are all harmful to the society they espouse.


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> A meaningful life on the other hand can embrace more of life including struggles and suffering because it is oriented towards a higher ideal

An arbitrary and randomly chosen higher ideal?


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My naturally suspicious mind: As I understand it most of the time the scammers rarely actually distribute the nudes, because from their perspective it's a lot of effort for no reward. But the word was getting around, and people were refusing to send money. So to counter this they have started posting stories to social media sites about how the pics actually were sent around. This is the third such story I've seen this week. Could it possibly be that OP is a scammer?


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I went to a sleep lab when I first noticed problems (like falling asleep on the motorway/freeway) and they found I was on average waking up once every three minutes. Not good. CPAP definitely helps me - I find the best way is to use nasal pads rather than a full mask, and to sleep with the covers over my head and with my face down in the pillow (which you can do with an external air supply).


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I've been using a CPAP every night for the last 25+ years, and still wake up about five times a night. I deal with it by spending longer in bed, which is a pain but worth it. I'm not depressed.


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One way to sort out which way the causation lies would be to look at people with obstructive sleep apnea - a sleep disorder with a medical cause not obviously related to depression or suicidal ideation - and see whether they are more prone to depressive/suicidal thoughts.


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The study clearly shows the change over that time period, but I'd be interested to know what else was going on over that time to be sure there were no other factors than the sugar tax. In particular for boys.


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Only 7 days of testing. During that time some of the people without cognitive decline would remember to do lots of exercise to keep the doctor happy, but those beginning to go might not, or to a lesser extent. It's far too short a period for everyone to revert to their 'natural' activity levels.


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Just to be clear - racism is when you take an experience with one or a few people who happen to be of a particular race and extrapolate it to everyone of that race. As such, technically it sounds like you are being racist. Do you have a reason to believe that some random person in Japan who you have never met will behave as badly as the people who hurt you?