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Pragmatically, though, AI will only end up doing the jobs it can do cheaper and better than humans can. And the more sophisticated the task, the more expensive it will be getting AI to a level where it can do it better than a human can. I have no doubt that, given time, AI will be capable of doing my job as well or better than I can. But the amount of specialist knowledge necessary for it to do so would make it an expensive project, sufficiently so that I see no risk to my career before I retire.


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Could it be that more emotionally stable people both tend not to have such mystical experiences on psychedelics, and tend to be more resistant to changes in their levels of anxiety / depression?


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All I know from personal experience is that several gas-fired power stations are currently in the design phase in the UK with carbon capture technology included to greatly reduce stack emissions of CO2. The companies involved are big emitters, the carbon capture and storage technology is more than just greenwashing, but it takes time to design and build new plant.


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I've had recent involvement in carbon capture technology for power plants and other large CO2 emitters, and there's still an anti-technology bias there also. I don't personally hold with conspiracy theories, I suspect it's just that those who shout the loudest against emissions and pollutants tend to see 'green' as being equated with pre-industrial approaches.


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Pretty much right on both points, except that historically the 'British' were the Welsh, driven back to this corner of the island by Anglo-Saxons and others. Brythonic Celts is where 'Britain' comes from. What resentment there is gets directed towards the English (which, incidentally, I am) not the British.