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I like sports talk radio. Really do. When I commute to Boston, or do long drives, I’ll listen to them. However, they do not belong on CYY. There are already two sports talk stations in Portland/Maine area, sometimes I need my jams. Been CYY since the beginning, wish they hadn’t done this


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Most of Kennebunk lost power due to the main feed line coming into the primary substation was taken out. Kennebunk has their own power company, Kennebunk Light and Power. My neighborhood went down before the substation did, so we were out from 5 pm to 830 am today. Word is that CMP didn’t fix the line in a timely manner because they didn’t care about KLP, even though fixing that one line would restore power to basically an entire town. CMP sucks. KLP is one of the hidden perks of living in Kennebunk. This is the longest I can remember being without power.


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The one great thing about this meal, so long as you have Hamburg, macaroni and a tomato based sauce, all the other variations are accepted.


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Grew up in Maine. Mom grew up in Maine. Always called goulash. Didn’t know about American Chop Suey until I went to college in Mass. Funny how names change. Wonder if goulash lost its name due to sounding Russian, and the Soviet scare, like how Russian Salad dressing turning Thousand Island dressing


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Trades generally have a peak salary, and yeah you can make some real good money doing it. But, Most of the old timers still in the trade are messed up physically. Worked with a plumber that could barely walk. Had a welder come on board the ship to weld in a new hatch dragging an oxygen bottle. We made him keep that in the next compartment from where he was welding. He had to step out between beads to get a breath. Sketchy AF.

If you do go into the trades, take care of your body. If you chose welding, make sure to get a slim line respirator to wear under your welding helmet. Miller Welding makes a good one that doesn’t interfere with the helmet.