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Near the stadium, the North shore is pretty decent for groups. A short walk away is the northside which has tons of smaller places that you can easily hop to.

Downtown isn't too bad either to hop for a group and it's an easy walk across the bridge to the stadium.

If you want a crazy atmosphere; the Southside is the place to be on Friday/Saturday night.

If you want the upscale area, Shadyside is your best bet to uber to.


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PORTLAND, ME. – October 5, 2016 – RxAnte, a leading provider of solutions that improve the use of prescription medications, announced today that it has received a growth equity investment from UPMC Enterprises. Under the terms of the transaction closed on Sept. 30, Millennium Health sold its entire interest in RxAnte, which will continue to operate as an independent company, led by its existing management team.

"Mosaic combines technology with a comprehensive clinical care model to create outcomes unlike other pharmacies. Therapeutic Decision Support™ (TDS), powered by RxAnte’s analytics, helps Mosaic pharmacists optimize our members’ medication regimens. Supported by this technology, we can better coordinate with prescribers to add, remove, or change medications to maximize therapeutic effect, while ensuring the patient is paying the lowest possible copays for their medications."


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Freezing happens at 32/0 degrees. Depending on insulation, without heat that is what happens to the water inside the pipes.

You combat this via 2 ways: Heating the inside of the house to keep the temperature of the water above freezing.


Draining the water of the house and purging the lines and keeping the traps wet.

Hunting cabins normally just turn off the water/breaker, drain the pipes at the closest to the cutoff, pour antifreeze in the drains/toilets and saran wrap them shut to prevent evaporation.