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The only thing Putin miscalculated was the Russophobia and the Empire devotion in Europe as exemplified by him signing the Minsk accords, whereas they (he’s not a dictator contrary to what your empire sources tell you) could have annihilated the Ukro army in weeks if not days. Of course neither Ukraine, Germany or France were ever planning on adhering to it, as they have admitted to recently, but he was naive enough to let NATO build up the Ukrainian army and continue to shell civilians in Donetsk for 8 years. Now it’s gonna take them years and thousands of lives (mostly Ukrainian) to liberate the Donbass. It will happen though, sorry. The gloves haven’t even come off yet.

The ‘civilized’ countries (aka the ones that are bowing down to US hegemony) tried twice before. Napoleon lost, the Nazi’s lost and NATO will lose too. Send yourself a remindme to rub it in if you want to.

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Isn’t it interesting how things are always ‘complicated’ when it involves enemies of the empire but never when it involves nato-countries. The democracy argument only works when it suits you. So Catalunya can not be independent but Tibet can. Crimea can not be independent (outcome if the first of many referenda, where the overwhelming majority voted to break away from Ukraine, none of which you’ll accept because it doesn’t feed into your corporate media narrative) but Kosovo can. Just admit you don’t allow Russia and China a seat at the table because they pose a threat to your coveted Western mono-polar hegemony. That’s what this is all about, silly. You want another Jeltsin in the Kremlin but it ain’t happening. Cry about it, empire fanboi/girl/both/neither/back and forth.


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Crimea has been Russian for centuries. The vast majority of people there want to be part of Russia, which explains why your brave Ukrainians didn’t fight back during the annexation and there hasn’t been a militia like in Donetsk and Lugansk to fight ‘the oppressor’. Maybe they didn’t want to be burned alive by Nazi’s, like what happened in Odessa.


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Merkel, Hollande and Porochenko admitted that they signed the Minsk accords only to keep the Russians at bay and build up the Ukrainian army and build fortifications in the East. The shelling of civilians continued. They never meant to live up to it. Putin was naive. They had them encircled and could have beaten them in days. Now after 8 years and billions of dollars in equipment and training (all out of altruism and for democracy if course), it’s going to take years and hundreds of thousands of lives. All to prevent a region from getting the independence the majority of people want. I guess the democracy argument only holds for enemies of the empire like Kosovo with Serbia.


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Just based on referendums. They want independence because they want to be allowed to speak their own language and not be shelled by the actual blood and soil fascists from Western Ukraine. The ones that declared Bandera a national hero in 2010 and still honor his statue. Maybe look in to who that was.