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Probably added over time. Walls were prob original and maybe not in tip top shape overall so they added a fence at some point


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I would suggest just doing it right and crying once. I went invisible fence first to save $ and my dog ran right through despite being well trained when he saw a bunny. The prey drive can really get to them. I would just have a fence installed. It’s expensive and ir sucks but it’s ultimate peace of mind for our fur babies


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I live on boulevard down the road from where this happened. It’s a 30 mph speed limit street. People blow by my house going 60+ all the time every day. They turn off trout Brook drive and there’s no stoplight until south Quaker and if they make that light they are flying. I imagine the driver was going way over the speed limit… they need to place speed tables on boulevard at key points all the way to prospect ave


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Unfortunately there’s enough people where that may happen that confiscation is unlikely. Instead gun ownership will be a privilege of the rich and patient willing to go through the loopholes and pay to own firearms