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Oh absolutely!! At least it's so much easier to shine a light on these people and their shitty actions. They run like cockroaches from being outed as the scum they are. I'm sure there's a ton of behind the scenes complaining about how "it was so much easier back in the day to get away with things". Lot more scrutiny now, which is a good thing. What's depressing, though, is how so many get outed and still continue with no/few consequences.


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Nope, no way that affected his decision at all. He's just seen the light is all. /s They sound like a lovely bunch of upstanding citizens, don't they? But if you asked the sheriff, I'm sure he would say that they are good people who just made a few mistakes, and that we shouldn't be so quick to judge. Amazing how these people develop a love for tolerance and patience when it's their family that's involved.


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Sounds about right. It's never a problem until it affects them. Then it's an issue that needs to be resolved with empathy and fairness. For reasons. (For this asshole, his daughter is being investigated on child abuse charges stemming from her place of employment - a daycare. She sounds lovely.) Edit: Someone else pointed out that the sheriff's 67 year old brother was charged for jacking off/exposing himself in public at a park in late February. Surely that had no bearing on his decision at all, either. Throw the whole bunch away. Ugh.