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We will get government UBI once everyone realizes they only have to work if they want to. They’re already testing a robot McDonald’s in the US. All those “shitty jobs” and “workforce entry” jobs will disappear


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This is a people problem. Let people fix it. When he wanted to sell books, bezos had a bunch of money and tuned it into …ta-da….. a marketplace. “Oh I wish Fiverr existed!” “If only YouTube were free!?” You got me on healthcare though, that one balks at the thought of being reined in.


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The only trustworthy system is “who has nuclear bombs, and what are their motives to use them” All those warheads everyone owns, aren’t going anywhere. And until we resolve the motivations for using weapons to solve our problems, this “one world government” will remain bullshit. Am I screaming that capitalism is better? No. But at least we get the illusion of choice.


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With some manufacturers, they’ll only like, send replacement parts to verified repair people, or do other things that seem ok above-board, but are really anti-consumer.