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From my experience even the cheaper lighting cables are like $5 from retailers so still 4x more for a slower cable. In truth lighting cables cost similar to make as USB cables. Apple created the MFI-Certifed standard out of profit protection and spin it to be a consumer protection standard.


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  • AMOLED Display more vivid
  • Object Eraser or Magic Eraser for photos
  • App Pairs in split screen mode (super useful)
  • Remaining Charge Time Indicator
  • Reverse Wireless charging
  • USB-C port can be set to OUTPUT mode to charge other devices
  • Screenshots Have Embedded "Goto Website" Link to launch original page
  • Too many others to list haha

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The media always spinning headlines to favor apple because that's where the money is in advertising and accesories sales. Example is a lighting cable cost $20 vs $1.25 for a faster USB-C charge cable. Advertisers like Bestbuy would much rather keep their customers in Apple Jail for "life without parole". Haha