Alrik t1_j4ralkd wrote

Minnesotan here.

If you declare cold and snow to be bad weather and stay inside for half of the year you're going to be miserable.

The only way to get through is to make the best of it and find ways to enjoy the outdoors in every season.


Alrik t1_iyd86yo wrote

You're right on the calculation for the match, but the employer match doesn't really impact your annual contribution limits.

For 2023, the employee themselves can contribute $22,500, and together with the employer's match/contribution, can put a total of $66,000 into their 401(k).


Alrik t1_iwny1hf wrote

I am a former attorney.

I also taught undergraduate journalism at an R1 university.

Gave my students an article about legal research that mentioned how sometimes desirable documents will be unavailable because they are privileged.

My class could not move beyond a massive argument about how privilege is openly favored in the court system. This continued even after I stopped to explain that "privileged" in this context is a legal term meaning someone holds a right to prevent their disclosure.

Nope. It continually and repeatedly devolved until I declared that we would be getting a new article to read, whereupon the students still complained that I gave them such an openly classist and outdated article.

So yeah, I absolutely believe that modern researchers are unable to compartmentalize their understanding of things so as to fit the context.