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This is a real political problem. It might indeed be preferable were the city able to transform these lots for some highest and best public use the marketplace cannot provide. But they got no nuttin' money to do that with, and letting them dilapidate forever out of stubbornness just doesn't seem good


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Zappala and Dawson? To me they're on the same side trying to trigger the same war. You think the DA was dumb to kick off his reelection effort by persecuting an arsonist who can't stop spouting death threats? He must see her as a gift that keeps on giving. But I NEVER said I wanted her jailed; jail could only make her worse, and make her a martyr making everything worse. I only wanted people to stop defending her actions.


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Sure these cultural wars and race issues just further divide us, but that doesn't mean they're not primary to a lot of people. It's not manufactured only because they're promoted as "woke," many people fucking believe and care primarily about that, without being coached into it. We're not talking about "power" we're talking about, "Which powerless peons are least likely to shoplift from and cheat me?" And the answer to that hinges on prejudice


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They're an historically persecuted and scapegoated minority which also, as a separate matter, usually gets to enjoy White privilege.

There is no such thing as a "White" race or ethnicity by the way, there is only White privilege. For example someone might be British, Nordic, Irish or Italian, but the only thing that makes them "White" is how historically they've marginalized darker-complected peoples. So yeah Jews can be "White" and also suffer their own problems lol


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If you're insisting "stop complaining about racism" with a preachy side of "grab a better mindset, opportunities are everywhere" (?? what does that have to do with anything ??) we're not taking anything you're saying the wrong way, we just find your militant lack of conscientiousness weird, and insistence everyone should shut up and quietly accept assholish bigotry a bit threatening


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Me too, narrator and first-mate anyway! Even at that I needed to take safety training and drills very seriously. Hope to see a revival if the gang is still into it -- there was nothing like it for cheap & easy laughs on the waterways