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Yep see smart people are barking up crackpots, until they're not.

The total death of capitalism is to wish to see your enemies punished. But a real capitalism fighting for life alongside a stronger contingent of consciously connected people (workers, for short ✌️) means simulated heads roll instead of... Get this... Literal heads.

Unnecessarily. Not a threat.

Just like simulation meet simulacra

Heeeey Macarena.

Vented currently thru mass shooter culture.

By the by. But stickers on side walks. Memes getting spicy.

Teachers and hospital staff in America underwater.

You talk about the millions or billions killed by these idiots that mostly are dead or have gotten away with it, and pretend those are no deaths capitalism would not intervene to save. So basic your baby man thots, I forgive you.

We were always there. We needed the internet.

The Meta verse a

What is a meta tag for again?


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It'll be done well (;) and perfectly every time by the diligent and careful capitalist oh yes. Now let me get on British radio and tell you how I built a brand and sold it as women's liberation. Smart people alert. Smart people alert. Really thinking deeply. About the well. And the issue. And the lack of urgency.

And the constant alarm.

Is it all in our heads? Where there's smog, there's treasure


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I declare both POVs accurate, and the alarmist from later on to be right mad and on point. Most of all, we have truly pinched the reserves of the oil wells of our minds. Which are but golden parachutes, gifting us, from the gods, deliverance from oblivion. Movies sort of suck today. We'll do it better next time around.

In 6 hrz I will roll over and rub one out. Call in COVID tomorrow.

China Hoards, where there's smog there's gold. Putin's on the fritz, but he makes it rain.

Are you a moron in cage? 🎶🕺🌵