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This is before prop 22 benefits are taken into account. After that it’s about 32k

And work may be spread out trough out the day because of low demand. I try to fill in the gaps doing anything that could be productive or even time with gf so that’s a plus Being able to work in any city is also pretty nice just gotta be in the right places to make enough money consistently

It has been fun although admittedly the pay could be better


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Made with Python (Seaborn, Calplot, Pandas),

SOURCE: Personal data collection, own data archive from DoorDash

I started recording my daily earnings and tips with DoorDash from the start of the year, intended to do so until the end of the year, but after losing “Top Dasher” status (keep an order acceptance of 70% or more) I got less dashing opportunities.

Note: Earnings do not include CA Prop 22 benefits After prop 22 it amounts to about 32k income from DoorDash