AmaResNovae t1_iu4qyxu wrote

How much of a looser do you have to be think that someone claiming having occasional sex is unbelievable is kinda amazing, really. It's not quite claiming to be a Chad fucking anything that moves. It's really just an adult mentioning a rather average amount of sex.

If that's so unbelievable to you, good thing that your red pill keeps you out of the gene pool.


AmaResNovae t1_iu4prdj wrote

Yeah, a satire account mentioning having had sex in the past. On Reddit. Where half the subs are for porn. Suuuure mate.

There are probably millions of people fucking right now just out of cheer numbers of people. The fact that you will never be one of them is on you, not on people's ability to have sex. Don't project your pathetic red pilled worthlessness on the rest of us.


AmaResNovae t1_iu4ocj2 wrote

Yeah. People having sex is totally made up. Those 8 billions of us just popped out of thin air.

Go take a shower, learn to wipe your ass and learn that people don't owe you sex. That should get you a long way already. Worked pretty efficiently for humankind so far.


AmaResNovae t1_iu4n4b0 wrote

Even your parents managed to, it's really a low bar to reach. Which you would easily figure it out with a bit of self work instead of blaming women for being unable to fuck models despite your shit crust in your underwear.