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The older gen in those countries had german as a second language in school, that helps as well.

But sure, cases throw many for a loop.

I can attest, however, that Russian ‘thinks’ in a very different way than germanic european languages, and they struggle very much with articles, wordplacement (as they have cases for that shit) and the idea of auxiliary verbs.

Source: lived there for a year, and soeak Russian and several germanic languages :)


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Also in putting the blame where it belongs, for that matter.

I feel itd be more accurate if they said, your focus shifts to addressing things yourself and getting on with it - and the rest is basically just there.

It does not disappear. Impressing ppl can be nice, as is receiving validation, and not assuming more blame than is yours, by knowing what exactly transpired is pretty useful as well. And excuses can be the explanation you need to see another person’s pov, and get why they did things the way they did em.

It’s just not the crux the way fixing things/focusing is.


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I hear you.

I was «lucky»

I was taken abroad by my husbands promotion, so I only see them when I go back.

About 2 years ago, I made it clear i was no longer interested in seeing my father or his side of the family, so I stopped flying over for Christmas.

Now I only go back for my mom and friends and during an event for her side of the family, where I endure my brothers - for now.

We’ll see how long that lasts.

But honest - it’s lifted a weight off my shoulders in a way I wasnt expecting.

And I finally get to enjoy the Yuletide ❤️

100% recommend ;)


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It isnt my business until they make it my business and I gotto waste energy dealing with that, then getting back on track after being massively gutpunched and derailed.

That’s the part I avoid, really.