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“Burst into tears” is a common phrase/hyperbole here in Aus, just in case it’s not common elsewhere. Just means cried, could have been a few tears while cheering or full out sobbing, it’s a wide spectrum.

So happy about the nest boxes working!!! Love our wildlife and the fires have been devastating


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Meanwhile cats place their tongue on the water and use surface tension to pull the water up and “bite” it

And my dog just dunks his whole head in the water


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This is such a great image… can I save it to use as/in a painting? I’m not a professional, but I would possibly sell it (the physical canvas painting) down the line if I ever did paint it in my painting class. I like gathering a folder of images to take to my painting class! Great photo either way :)


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It’s about childhood trauma, whether it be physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse etc. Many people never had the stage of being a blissfully innocent child, and instead were forced to grow up too soon and missed their early milestones. Also many children who are abused suppress their memories of abuse, leading to large chunks of time (months, years, even decades) being completely forgotten


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Dunno why you were downvoted, a LOT of shit in your body changes during that period of pregnancy. Everything is a bit haywire, and it’s something the husband (or other partner) should come to terms with before they try for a baby (if it’s planned)

Hell, my mother became deathly allergic to some foods after pregnancy, eating some whacky foods and wanting the Christmas tree up is very mild