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Growing up in the Tri-State I love this area of the country. But....being in Western Maine today....pretty or not....this sucks. We have 16 inches of HEAVY slop and its still coming down. I just bought my snowblower a drink. I feel sorry for what I am about to do to her.


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My wife has chickens and has already informed me that my Britts dog crate is being 'repurposed' and placed in the living room. Luckily its only the windchill that's going to be that low.

Make sure you have everything you need as cars don't start well.

If you are worried about you well....leave a cold tap slightly open furthest from where your water enters your house.

Wells fare well and you can thaw pipes. Worry about any animals that may be outside. Once frozen animals don't thaw well. Double down on high energy feed and check water often.


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Screw the Marten. They are Sadists. They should all be turned into gloves and purses.....they will find the smallest hole in your chicken coop and decapitate all of your chickens in a night. They don't eat the chickens....they just get off chewing their heads off.

I had one that came back every other night for a month just to kill one chicken at a time. I tried live traps...not so live traps and finally caught him in a snow storm where I could track him. Too bad by that time I was down to 3 chickens.

They are pretty and soft though. Smart animal....just sadistic. I wouldn't have minded if it utilized the bird. But they don't.


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My father in law has a 60 lb'er. Dog is absolutely amazing but holy shit neurotic. He was 'normal'.....until....he herded the horses and he got kicked in the head.

Now he is obsessed with watching nature shows on tv. Anything about New England wildlife and squirrels.

I thought my Springer was weird....but he cant hold a candle to Moses. Unreal smarts to the point of insanity.

Literally searches the house for TV shows he likes.