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Or just tax income... that money leaves the corporation at some point.

The problem in the US is that income tax isn't progressive enough at the high end.

People making a billion a year should be taxed 99%. It isn't like making >10mil a year take home would be some sort of tragedy. You could still buy a yacht, just not one big enough to have a helipad AND a dock for smaller speed boats.


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No evidence that the thought speed isn't a learned limit through speaking.

I typically watch tv at 2-3x speed and suspect that i'd be able to close to 2x speed if my tongue were more nimble. In Japanese i convey information probably 1.5x the speed i do in English (my native language). Simply because it supports faster speaking.


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Reply to comment by FirstOrderCat in bit of a call back ;) by GeneralZain

What metric? 5% reduction in errors of 5% improvement in score? I mean, one might be a lot bigger.

Llms are basically doa waiting on gpt4 in a few months now anyways unless they offer something really novel.


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Canada gets shit on for being an oil producing nation all the time.

And we tax the shit out of carbon, iirc, Canada only has lower carbon taxes than Sweden. So it isn't like we aren't trying to curb it... even though it is legit most of Canada's economy.


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They make billions of condoms a year. You know how many green house gas emitters we've avoided?

Depending on how far into the future we're talking, it could be many many times the good Tesla has done.

Kalashnikov is probably pretty green as well.

For max irony I wanted to say Ethyl Corporation, the gas company that created leaded gas since it apparently STILL kills 900k per year and they are still the main distributor of the lead additive... but I didn't want to do the math since they also cause a lot of CO2.