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Single-player games have no justification to tell me how much content I should repeat before I'm allowed to see new content, and then offer to let me pay to skip some repeated content.


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It's amazing how hateful people get when you bring up lifestyle limitations.

And I mean amazing in a negative sense. They'll say "It's only 20 hours of grinding 2 hours a day to get this rare drop" and if I tell them I don't HAVE two straight hours of free time every day out of seven days a week...

It turns them fucking feral. Doesn't matter to them if you have kids, a job, a life, they think the game should come first. I thought that mindset would be left behind when World of Warcraft raiding guilds died out, but no, it kept itself alive through the magic of the sunk cost fallacy.

Ask "Why would I spend all that time on repetitive grinding content or fourty dollars in microtransactions when I could spend that money on food or an exciting experience or my loved ones?" and they'll screech at you like you're the devil and you've eaten their Cat. You're a threat to their ability to continue enjoying their hobby. Your existence is a stark reminder of all they gave up to satisfy their primal urges for higher number without ever actually improving their aim, driving ability, fighting game fundamentals, or anything else a skill-based game can help you with.