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I am not a teacher, but i feel bad for teachers and staff at schools. The schools are turning into a mental health facility and i blame this on legal system as children have way too many rights and are ill prepared when they become 18 years old. Parents also have so many problems & they too cannot manage the kiddos. This is a whole community problem which needs to be further discussed. On the school level all the kiddos with significant issues are bussed to ACES and there is significant burnt out as kiddos can be aggressive, disrespectful & have no regard for others. Additionally community services such as iicaps, iop are absolutely overwhelmed & cannot deal with the severity, complexities of families that are being referred.


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Im not sure what people are expecting you are moving into a city with a variety of people good and bad, living in closer quarters.

I love Bridgeport, but I have lived in some type of city my whole life and prefer this than living in rural area. Other towns have just as much issues- people just have more money to hide their problems & create a better image of their town.

As long as you are not out there flashing what you have & being aware of your surroundings you will be fine.

One of the qualities i have loved about growing up in cities is being exposed to different people,cultures & experiences. There are many hardworking people still living in the cities , who care about family & community & not everyone out there is a criminal.


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I believe some people believe that inner cities in general only consists of criminals & do not realize that many people residing in inner cities are just as hard working and are only seeking to create a better life for their families.


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I live in treeland for 8 years and i have loved it because you have access to variety of culture & i love being walking distance from beardsley. Just like any city there are going to be a few bad apples in the sketchy neighborhoods but i also want to point out there are many hardworking people and families in these neighborhoods as well so not everyone is “bad”. You just have to be smart & not get mixed in with the riff raff. I think Hartford, New Haven & Waterbury have more crime than Bpt.