AnOddFad t1_je4yish wrote

We literally have countless depressed humans on earth visiting psychiatrists. All it would take is to give them a brain scan and voila, we have a much better result than this.

And if we’re worried about privacy? Just ask their permission or give a monetary reward. There are bound to be some people willing to help science.


AnOddFad t1_j65dxof wrote

I’m glad you’ve found a way to do it safely that has worked (so far), but ofcourse it’s scary, the fact such support is even needed is scary. Sexual diseases are scary. Becoming addicted to sex is scary.

It is a dangerous lifestyle, and I don’t think I could recommend it to anyone.


AnOddFad t1_j61jjx4 wrote

I’m skeptical of this interpretation. Behaviour can’t be both repressed and compulsive at the same time.

It could simply mean that people who dislike their own sexual desires, for one reason or another, gravitate towards religions that also disagree with those sexual desires and therefore assume God also dislikes it.

There are reasons why people might not like their sexuality aside from God you know.