Anastariana t1_iyeqkbt wrote

I hope so, nobody needs corporate wiretaps in their home.

The loss of reputation of tech oligarchs like Musk and Zuck will only accelerate once people realise en masse that everything they say is recorded and sold to marketers who then bombard you with ads.


Anastariana t1_isuajex wrote

Why would a hospital promote healthy lifestyles and good choices such that it reduces demand for it's services in the future?

At least, for-profit ones. In the sane part of the world with Universal Healthcare it wouldn't matter.


Anastariana t1_ism9el3 wrote

This is some dystopian, Black Mirror stuff.


Imagine being a writer who gets their stories made into a TV series and at a key, tear-jerking moment a big fucking Snickers ad is right behind the characters.


Anastariana t1_irq2poj wrote

Hehe, the far-right, balding guy is accusing someone else of being a fascist, betraying the complete lack of knowledge about the term. I'm not surprised, armchair libertarians usually don't have a clue what they're talking about.

Go to bed, Geoffrey. You've got work tomorrow. Y'know, that place you go to you can pay your taxes. *guffaw*


Anastariana t1_irpppqu wrote

Nope, you're the criminal by wanting to take what isn't yours because you've not paid for it: a functioning society, safety net, military, education and medical system.

The guns are there to make sure you don't steal them. Like I've said, go walk the walk and see how long you last. You won't, because you know full well you'd suck at it.


Anastariana t1_irpnjpf wrote

>Then pay for it voluntarily

No, that's not how it works. Because then nobody would pay for things and anarchy descends. Greedy freeloaders like you romanticise that kind of thing because you've never gone a day in your life without clean water, food and toilet paper, but think you be a "rUgGeD sUrViOuR" whereas in reality you'd be dead within a week or two.

I don't have any kids, but I'm fine with my taxes funding schools because I don't want to live in a society of stupid, uneducated people. Sane people recognise this kind of thing, but go ahead and set up a political party based on zero taxes and see how many people vote for you. Many have tried and gotten nowhere; the free market has spoken.


Anastariana t1_irpkxs4 wrote

Taxation is the social contract you engage in by living in a country. You don't get to live in a country and then not pay for its upkeep and defence. Only freeloading assholes would come to that conclusion.

Don't want to pay taxes? Fine, go and live in the woods. See how long you last.

You want to live in civilised society? Then pay your fucking share and stop being an entitled prick about it.


Anastariana t1_ir4adbu wrote

That's not taxation you buffoon, that's called extortion.

You: tAxAtIoN iS tHeFt!!!111 Imma move somewhere with no taxes!!!!

Later: OMG why is the road full of potholes?? Why does my water have lead in it?? Why is the air full of pollution?? Why did I get food poisoning?????? Where are all the people who's job it is to prevent this!!!!??????