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That's when you lose a bunch of money selling while under the influence. It's better that way because people get all emotional when they lose money and aren't high.


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Interesting, you picked the word biased as an adjective similar but if I drop it down for "bias" I get"

"cause to feel or show inclination or prejudice for or against someone or something"

as the first definition

Your source, not mine.

But lets add some others for fun.

Turns out bias actually does mean that.

And yes, it's the arts. They can't be judged fairly. That was exactly the point in my very first post if you scroll up. These awards are basically nothing but bias in and of themselves. That doesn't make them bad or anything, just biased. And given enough information we can figure stuff out about what kinds of biases are there, of which women and men is a rather obvious one but there are also many others.


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And I was pointing out that you were dropping the "over time" part of the equation and skirting the definition of bias. Yes, if over a large enough sample size over time things don't break down 50/50 (or 52/48 or whatever) it DOES mean there is a bias there. Then we have to explain that bias. Is it because directors are centering roles around one gender more than another? Are writers writing more characters over another? Are voters skewed one direction in ant number of ways for any number of reasons? That bias might be coming from places we don't expect but just because we don't know all that stuff yet doesn't mean we should deny it exists and avoid looking into the potential causes entirely.


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You've made up your own definition of bias then. Every dictionary I can find talks about personal judgment, sometimes unfair/unreasoned but not always.

As for your definition, then maybe we should stop calling awards "best performance" and relabel it "most popular performance." While there will always be elements of bias there it doesn't mean they can't be identified and we can't strive to put some of them aside. Otherwise we might as well just have the people's choice awards and be done with it.


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And just as an added point, explain how personal preference as a judgment of someone else is fair in any way? That's entirely arbitrary and up to an "other." These awards aren't designed to be fair from the outset for a whole number of reasons. I don't see why you have such an issue with the idea of looking into the potential for one specific bias along with many others.


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No you don't need to be unfairly prejudiced. But even with that in mind as a common use of the word, define "unfair" in a way that doesn't include bias. The example you gave before about "best" somehow implied that "popular vote = best" and if that's what you're going with, I don't know what to tell you. It used to be popular to believe some people were witches and that they need to be burned at the stake. Does that make it thr best? Fair?


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No it isn't. It means you were biased towards that woman that one specific time. It could be for any number or reasons one of which is the fact that she's a woman. You are still biased (everyone is) but figuring out the nature of the bias is way harder with a small sample size.

If you vote for a woman 8000 times out of 10000 you're far more likely to prefer voting for women than men even if there are onviously other factors involved.


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That year? Sure. Why are you choosing to continually miss the part about "over time" which was right there in the first comment? Is it possible that women gave better performances than men 80% of the time for 100 years in a row? At that point it would be pretty clear that the highly subjective word "better" included a significant bias towards women over men.


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What do you think these awards are if not an indicator of bias? It's certain people voting saying "I liked this better." There's no specific measuring qualifiers. The only issue is that there are many different biases at play which is where increasing the sample size over time helps to clear things up a bit.