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You can’t tell Kim is the trigger, Russia I feel was influenced to go ahead so China could watch what strategies were going to be utilized by nato and perhaps is depleting resources to a point in which they can make a move.

For some time now, and I was shocked at the joes first hosting of all nations in alaska and how xi replied in that very first round two years ohh three years ago now said a bunch.

And yet China has been sprinkling the globe with theirs. I mean the islands alone that have been built up on the chinas east coast and southerly towards australia have been in the works for some time. China and Russia have been keeping the ice broken up above Russia for some reasons besides saving gas bring goods to the world.

It is very interesting times we live I can say that much.


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Oil, that was another one. I remember ages ago when no one was supposed to be selling oil to nkorea low and behold here’s russia vessels offloading oil to nkorea 🤷🏻‍♀️ and not that long ago it was China vessels pulled up to nkorea while Russian trains were to and fro. And nobody knows nothing 😳🤷🏻‍♀️🙄

Kim and Xi are the friends from long ago. Russia has always been willing probably for what they have endured since ussr has made some friends along the way too. Those three have been very interesting to watch as this tells the story of time.


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Funny you mention a game I have never heard of but is war and you say china plays real life.

My first huge company I worked for was a Chinese tech company in USA. I was fairly young 20s and a lot ignorant to life or lacked wisdom really.

My Chinese National boss who jeez I miss and couldn’t believe he smoked 😳🤣 anyways.

After one long night and he shouldn’t have been at work that late but obviously something was going wrong and had been in meetings half the evening.

Because of Philips intensity that night I never ever have forgotten what he said to me that night.

  1. silence is golden- I gathered from the Chinese translation of his analogy he gave.

2)to the Chinese he said business IS war.


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Ohh dang so now you are letting me know how Russia stayed afloat. America thought Russias currency was going to fall sooner than it did. And really even if no one outside is trading your own money, your money can still have value within your own system.

I thought China was brilliant in at least computing as part of their systems based on or with having a persons rations allocated.

I’m not saying it right. But basically china if it can’t pay you in money, it has a system in place that would allocate you the bare minimum to exist in rice rations.

I was intrigued and wanted to watch simply because of the thought processes involved.


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I was made aware by documentary source.

And for the life of me I want to be able to re-watch and wish I knew how to find it. I have tried and tried and tried searching through the pbs source I watched through and have been unsuccessful.

So I found two currencies either in a documentary about warehousing somewhere in China that has a “free trade” area that basically helped buyers and sellers use a space that basically talk around the money issues with wine purchases. Like importing and duty and legalities in that nature.

I have wanted to see this documentary again for the warehousing aspects. Like the fundamentals or principles of warehousing viewpoints were something to want to see again.

Or a documentary about the artist Ai Weiwei. I could probably find this documentary and watch to see if this knowledge was mentioned at a particular part when money just starts to anonymously be gifted by the people to help him settle bail and court and the like. They either raised his bail, or that is when it is said the second currency didn’t have the same value as the other at the time so he needed more.

IIRC I do believe it’s called the peoples money and the states money that are the two currencies running in or used in China by the people. China tightens up the use of iirc the peoples money when there isn’t enough states money being utilized or weak I suppose you’d call it. When there’s enough stability of the states money the people are not scrutinized and go back to using the peoples money.

The only other things within the warehouse documentary or what I am calling the warehouse documentary also had tellings on a scale of food to people ratios.

I can remember a person was quantified or computed by using a unit of rice that equated to a handful.

I so want to watch this documentary again. You have started me to want to search again and 😲😫 I’m waiting for my router to be fixed and I can’t even search 😖

But I can speculate that chinas if they were smart they started collecting greenback their own selves for the value of the us dollar. That ohh so badly do they want to flip.

I mean if they’re the ones supplying Mexico with raw materials to make dope, and Mexican cartel has nothing but greenbacks 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve seen other countries trade in currency and the American greenback is top notch even in places I would have thought not.


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China is trying to save its own banking systems. And who told them to run two currencies in the first place within their own country.

The more I read related articles, the more I feel China is using these instances for its own request of funds from IMF.

Chinas failing at the infrastructures it’s supposedly building for some of these nations in its claims of how wonderful China is for its loans to these country’s.

So nations borrowed money, China built, crappy mind you, the nations are still in the same conditions but had to borrow money from China to get them to a worse off then they were before they struck deals with China.


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Even sicker is we won’t for a change. And “they” know it. We aren’t even a concern for “them.”

I come from revolutionaries bloodline and generationally.

The LAST time I had hope for the much overdue American revolution was when we all watched Egypt do it on live cnn.

I thought, perhaps america was a tactile learner, such as myself, and just needed to see it in action, to see what it will take to make changes.

I fear our time has passed. “They” will watch us do the same, to eachother in civil wars amongst ourselves. Only a real live version of hunger games with a rat race movie undertone to it. Is my suspicion at this point of these upcoming times.


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You not caring what or who I am is in part the problem.

Indigenous folks don’t teach as the anglo do. Indigenous folks don’t have the same values as the anglo do.

From zero to until my child noticed the pattern of a man and a woman or a woman and a woman or a man and a man and inquired of me what this was or wasn’t it would be a subject I would not be priming my child with any ways.

But let’s take k-5 (I had barley turned 10 in fifth grade, and had not even had a moon yet) Unless my child asked me about relationships of any kind. I would not have forcibly taught them for no reason.

How is the oppressed remotely promoting oppression 🤣

I could argue that you being colonized happily is still oppressing indians and in OUR yard to do it.


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You understand you’re commenting to first people?

I suppose you shot out your gun, with a fifty fifty chance at offending me attempting to make either a debate or an alignment with you 🤣

Do you think either are relevant to the Indians at the end of the day?

But let’s run with this section you want to pick at.

Read it.

I would have a problem with a school providing access (library) or distribution of it (class curriculum) to my ELEMENTARY aged child.

NO MATTER GAY STRAIGHT OR OTHERWISE. This is too young for my teachings.

Perhaps you didn’t catch that part so I made it larger for you.

And please clarify who is the majority for me? If you are implying Jesus Christ there are too many letters in the acronym… lbgtq+2

If you are insinuating that the first peoples of these lands and we are old my friend hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of more years older then what you may recognize as america and even call it so.

But my people have two spirits and we treated them as such for all of our existence. Two spirits are not new to us.

If you are attempting to apply Anglo logics to this indigenous woman. Please don’t. You have no idea my peoples teachings they too are older then 1491ad.

You feel me 😉


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First paragraph, why in the fuck would you be teaching ANY history again if the babies at eighteen can’t fucking read….

Why is this so hard for you to get. They can’t read they can’t write they can’t critically think about fucking history.

Okay so teach away history and then what 🤣 they fail at yet another class but hey it’s cool they got to learn something they won’t retain and further be confused by. Then with those stats they likely will repeat in history.

Dude I am so done for now got a few appointments.

Experiment time; if you have children, when was the last time you had your child read a story out loud to you. Can they. If they can, could they then tell you what the story was about. If they can, can they then speculate into the contexts future in anyway beyond the story and articulate that to you.

If your children can, consider them blessed. And I will pray for them for their lives amongst the majority of their peers cannot and your child’s life no matter how smart will be difficult because they themselves are not the majority of their generation.


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How about in this age they focus on one task that they are failing at now such as reading writing and math.

Why skip ahead to other concepts beyond understanding if they don’t have the basics to do so.

Why skip to teach culture of any kind if they can’t read.

Why skip to teaching sexuality and anything related if I haven’t had a period yet and again have No deducing skills to be able to pick a decent human to share sexual acts with.

Do you think because this is a structure who by the way the white Christian brought here with them is the only structure.

Do you think my culture had a classroom of village kids in it and one ndn lady taught them language in their tipi.

Go fight with the same venom and conviction to actually educate children with the basics forget all extras until we make a mark in that department no?

All of the divisions and opinions of this ages education has continued to divide its efficiency as we added to it and fought about it this far.

Now again I am indigenous, it is not until the masses in these Americas get treated every bit like we have been before this will change.

Find an Indian these days to find out how this plays out for you all. Ignored is what the people are now, just like our cry’s were. Wait for when eating amongst your group is deemed illegal. And I suppose since this age in rebelliousness decided that religion is a no no, they don’t have to take religion from very many.

Indians believe in Creator in Great Spirit in The Great Mystery, if you have problem with a Christian a Jew or a Muslim you will also take an issue with me. We would be fundamentally different and with high probability possibly never be able to see eye to eye nor align. We could compromise should we need but in this instance and circumstances change will only come after thinking critically about what was said today and to refine that or enamel that by action on an individual level is what has to happen beyond that discovery.

P.s. do not use Indians as a bullet for your gun unless you are us and have been taught you will never understand that weight of the Amo you are using and it isn’t yours to use. To use it as a bullet I am beyond upset about. I can only hope you at the very least have a descendant waaaaay back that can be the liaison on your behalf for what you have done here today by trying to use it.

Peace be with you. To all my relations!





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I am going to further give you my stats and I will respond I am taking in your comments in the spirit in which you spit them. I just have to run my brains processes to do so.

I was born in San Jose California 1976. I am product of a divorced home raised in a single parent household. I lived in the hood. I am only the second generation of missioned Indians at Santa Inez living “freed.”

The men in my family have served in this military both by drafts and enlisted. American Spanish revolution war drafted, wwii drafted.

These are my stats I will share thus far.


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I do believe I used the word’s “if” and “part of the curriculum”

I can tell you the places in which I went to school. First the private school wouldn’t even had made it into the library.

Second the public school I went to you are right the likelihood of me finding such a book not being marketed/staged/advertised like on the new release place in the library and by random. Not very likely in fifth grade. But for me this would be too young had I.

The public jr high I went to, I can guarantee that either parent provoked or here adult provoked information about this type of book being there. Would have in fact created my peers curiosity and it would have been done in a fashion that would have been very childish obviously, would have left tons of questions assumptions and rumors to be made not every household had a structure that had open discussion nor dialogue for children to be taught or given any clarity about. Had a very high catholic rooted system in place and for the fact these types of relationships don’t align in a family values foundations pre set before school.

The bigger challenge we face is. How about good grades being mandated for the basics that is in place vs the energy spent making sure books like this that cause controversy in the first place don’t even happen.

I see stats of high school reading and comprehension are subpar in this nation. How about we make sure they can read properly, comprehend properly, deduce properly.

Before we get our panties in a bunch to the point we are fighting to get it there in the first place and someone threatens to blow up schools for it. These are adult games being played. Wasted efforts when they could be spending time invested in neutral materials teaching kids fundamentals that don’t have such scaring a/effects should something go haywire such as this event did.


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Wow, much empathy to the babies 😖 they are being used like pawns in grown folks business and they never should have been used.

I am not a parent. To read this much empathy to parents 🫣 to have children terrorized in such a way.

I do however believe I would have some type of feelings if a school wanted to distribute books to my elementary aged child about any sex straight gay or otherwise. A minimum of teachings I would have taught my children about for safety purposes.

I wouldn’t threaten to bomb schools for that though no matter how strongly I felt and other arrangements would have been made if the curriculum insisted.

Peace be with all of those affected by this.