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It just seems highly unlikely to me that the oldest mummy found in egypt would also be the "most complete".

Like, I imagine we've found thousands of mummies in egypt, none of them were "more complete" than this?

Are they comparing "completeness" to a select few of other mummies that fit certain categories?

Also, what does "complete" mean in this instance? The article is not at all clear.

Seems kinda ridiculous that the journalist who wrote this couldn't have figured that out.


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Why do you think that fedex and ups would be engaging in illegal price fixing schemes if it were not for the USPS?

Most companies don’t have a government competitor and these sorts of activities are rare and result in serious penalties.


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Total number of deliveries seems like a bad metric consider the vast majority of mail received by people is junk mail that no one wants to begin with.

You may have a point regarding distribution network, I don’t know enough about that.

It would seem it’s not cheaper though. I guess I should have clarified that that was most of what I was curious about.


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> In the video the link points you to, they talk about trans rights as boys taking over girls sports as a "leftist" policy.

It might not be everyone on the left, but it’s definitely some.

Or is your issue with the fact that they call people who have transitioned “boys”?