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I know I know :( the amount of times I’d hear the other people I worked with get yelled at by angry customers was just absurd. I not once got yelled at in the 4 years I worked there. Like you said, it freaking Apple! Being nice to the customer and helping them as much as possible can only make your retail work/life easier.


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The best and funniest memory I have was a very sweet lady who had broken her phone but was out of warranty…I noticed the phone’s battery was below threshold during diagnostics so I swapped the whole thing under swollen battery replacement (I think it was $99 vs $300+) to replace the entire device.

About an hour later she comes back SOAKED from head to toe, including her hair (she was wearing a long dress) and tells me she had fallen into one of the mall’s water fountains lmao! At that point I swapped it again at no charge since it was within a 90 day warranty.


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I was a “genius” many years ago and if you were nice to me and the rest of the team and were under warranty, I’d swap it out under “single hairline crack” for free, even if there was some other type of accidental damage on the device. Those who were impatient and rude because they had to wait an hour for their walk-in appointment would pay for it :)